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Natalie Portman: A power woman in a superhero costume

Actress Natalie Portman caused the surprise of the year with her latest role. At this year’s Comic Con in San Diego it was announced that she will be part of the fourth part of Thor. But Portman doesn’t play anyone. She becomes the female god of thunder in person.

So it’s high time to introduce this power woman in more detail on today’s Woman Crush Wednesday.

Who is Natalie Portman?

Natalie was born in Israel. When she was three years old, she moved to New York with her parents. At the age of eleven, she was discovered by a model scout in a pizzeria. At the time, she was offered a model job for Revlon. However, she turned it down in favor of her acting career. Rightly so, because only two years later Natalie Portman celebrated her big breakthrough. At the age of just 13, she became famous through her role as Mathilda in Léon the professional known. For the role, she prevailed against 2000 other applicants. This was followed by countless other film roles and Natalie Portman was also on Broadway for the play Anne Frank’s diary involved. Since then, the actress has become an integral part of the film scene and Hollywood and is one of the most successful actresses in the dream factory.

From child star to Oscar winner

It was clear from her early roles that Natalie Portman is an actress with body and soul. Especially her role as Mathilda in Léon the professional it was that many people still remember today. Her talent brought the 38-year-old innumerable nominations and awards. In 2010 she was even awarded an Oscar. For your Role in film Black Swan she was awarded the coveted trophy by the Academy. She received a total of 38 prizes for the personification of a fragile ballet dancer.

Natalie Portman is committed to women’s rights

In real life, the actress is far from fragile. But on the contrary. Portman has its principles. So she did, for example already several roles, declined because she should have undressed in front of the camera. Something that is out of the question for the 38-year-old. She strictly rejects nudity. Far too many young actresses, in her opinion, have to undress for sex scenes. There is already enough exploitation that doesn’t have to happen in Hollywood.

Natalie Portman generally sits down again and again for women’s rights and equality. Because this problem does not stop at Hollywood either. So she got for her role in the film when she was 30 friendship plus just a third of the fee of her fellow actor Ashton Kutcher. She is aware that there is still a lot of money and is aware that a discussion about it will be difficult. Nevertheless, here too, it is a matter of principle. She wants to draw attention to the basic problem and encourage women to fight for their rights. Together with her husband, she therefore founded her own production company, which primarily promotes women in film.

Natalie Portman: a down-to-earth world star

What we especially love about her: Natalie Portman is absolutely not aloof. For example, the 38-year-old missed the premiere of her first Star Wars film because she had to study for her high school graduation. And that paid off. She then studied at Harvard, where she graduated in psychology.

Today Natalie Portman is not only a successful actress and role model for many fans, but also a proud mom. She is the mother of an 8 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. She has been happy with the since 2012 Ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied married whom she was filming too Black Swan got to know. And as if that weren’t enough superwoman, she is now also becoming a real superhero. We’re excited to see her role as Thor and can’t wait for the film to finally hit theaters.



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