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Kylie Jenner: curve madness! THIS monokini is way too small

Kylie Jenner puts her fans on the photo and video network Instagram in gasps again. The internet beauty lolls completely soaked in a swimsuit that is far too small. The Kardashian sister is almost showing too much.

Dripping wet and in a tight monokini, Kylie Jenner makes her fans gasp.
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Kylie Jenner (24) drives its 267 million followers on the photo and video network Instagram once again in madness! This time there are two videos with which the black-haired beauty drives beads of sweat onto the forehead of the fans. Not only the tight outfit, but also the wet backdrop contribute to this.

Kylie Jenner lolls wet in her swimsuit

Kylie Jenner is doing colorful things on Instagram again. Kim Kardashian’s half-sister lolls in a bright orange swimsuit on a reflective surface in a photo studio. Kylie’s black hair is soaking wet, and her curves are shiny with moisture. The beautiful face of the internet entrepreneur looks delicate and feminine – the beauty seems to have largely done without make-up. The orange monokini that hugs Kylie Jenner’s curves is all the more gaudy. The swimsuit only looks a bit tight on the top. One wrong move and Kylie would arguably make 267 million people very happy.

Kim Kardashian’s sister brings out swimwear

But Kylie Jenner chose the skimpy monokini on purpose to draw all eyes to her latest post. The video is actually from a shoot for the Internet millionaire’s new swimwear company. “I’m really excited to finally share this new project with you! @Kylieswim starts this FRIDAY,” exulted Kylie in the caption. After her cosmetics brand “Kylie Cosmetics” has already blossomed into one of the most successful cosmetics companies, nothing should stand in the way of the success of “Kylie Swim”. Especially not when the young mother herself is modeling for her swimwear. Who could say no to that?

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