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Jessica Mulroney: whip from Meghan’s girlfriend in the direction of the royal family?

Jessica Mulroney
Swipe from Meghan’s girlfriend in the direction of the royal family?

Jessica Mulroney, Duchess Meghan

Jessica Mulroney, Duchess Meghan

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Jessica Mulroney, Meghan’s good friend, causes a stir with an Instagram posting, which is about a plate service – but also about Satan and the Queen. That’s behind it.

Whether Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney or Jill Biden: Duchess Meghan, 40, has a whole army of friends who stand by her even in difficult times and would also break a lance publicly for her. So it’s no wonder that a current posting by Jessica Mulroney, Meghan’s best friend, is being closely watched and at least gives cause for interpretation.

Jessica Mulroney: whip from Meghan’s girlfriend in the direction of the royal family?

That’s what it’s all about: Jessica, 41, held a plate in the air on Instagram. This plate shows a girl with a very provocative slogan, which can roughly be translated as “people are a * schlöcher”. The designer Wólf Dóttir is known for her taboo-breaking slogans on products. And one combination is particularly displeasing to Royal fans: there are plates for sale that show the Queen, 95, and Prince Philip, † 99, with blackened eyes and the slogan “Heil Satan”.

Further plates, which are available in the Canadian online shop for around 170 euros each, show a picture of Princess Diana in a wedding dress with the play on words “Heil Satin”, as well as a picture of the Queen with the addition “Frisssche ** e and die “. Jessica did not state whether she also owns plates from this collection. Royal fans are uncomfortable with the fact that they publicly support such a provocative brand. Especially in view of Meghan’s current tense situation with the family of her husband Prince Harry, 36.

Fans are amazed

The fans are also amazed in the comments: “You know how to win the Internet” or “When do you invite me to dinner?” it says in it.

So was Jessica really aware of the plate designer’s other collections? Questionable. Maybe she was really just interested in the funny sayings …

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