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Husband supports wife on OnlyFans and initiates discussion

This TikToker supports his wife’s OnlyFans account and initiates a discussion about toxic masculinity online.

The TikTok video of a man who supports his wife’s OnlyFans account divides the TikTok community into two camps: those who celebrate him as a supportive husband and others who leave misogynistic comments and appear to be attacked in their masculinity. He thus initiates a discussion that TikToker now wants to continue with its followers.

TikToker shares video through his wife’s OnlyFans account

Craig, who runs the TikTok account @iboughtarock, shared a video that initially shows lingerie and high lace-up boots. “When your wife has an OF and you are actually her accountant now,” he headlines the pictures. He then searches Google to see if butt plugs are tax deductible. The video went viral and has now been viewed over 7 million times.

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The comment section was full of disagreements. But attacks against the couple were not uncommon either. “That’s not your wife, brother, that’s everyone’s wife now,” wrote one user. He was even suggested to leave his wife if he was “serious” about the relationship.

“Everyone who says he should leave them – tell me that you are insecure without saying that you are insecure,” said one user.

Many applauded Craig for his decision: “OMG, I finally made it into the supporting husbands TikTok community and I will definitely not leave it!” Wrote one user.

Craig told Daily Dot that he shot the video out of boredom while he was doing taxes on the accessories and sex toys his wife needed for the OnlyFans account. He did not expect to initiate a discussion.

“He tried to respond to the many comments and noticed that some attacks were coming from men who appeared to be injured,” says Craig.

He released a follow-up video in which he talks about the importance of confronting toxic masculinity and talking about problems without responding with “misogyny or sexism.”

In another video he explains that he did not marry his wife because of her sexuality: “We are in a partnership. We grow together and learn from each other. It’s about all the difficulties and how we can solve them together,” says TikToker.

He told “Daily Dot” that he would be happy to be able to talk about all these things so openly and without fear. “That is something I wish for all men – that they can be authentic and themselves without fear of losing their manhood.”

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