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Dwayne Johnson reveals: “The Rock” was mistaken for a girl as a child

Dwayne Johnson is nicknamed “The Rock” for a reason. The ex-wrestler looks like a rock that nothing can knock over. But the giant also has very gentle sides and has now revealed: When he was little, he was taken for a girl!

Dwayne Johnson: “The Rock” spoke about his childhood in an interview and revealed a surprising memory.
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Embodied in his numerous action films Dwayne Johnson concentrated masculinity. His size and muscles are just as much a hallmark of “The Rock” as his bald head and distinctive smile. As a child, however, the actor looked significantly different and, as he now reveals, was even mistaken for a girl!

So this is what Dwayne Johnson looked like as a kid?

Perhaps what Dwayne Johnson has revealed can help some adolescents who struggle with their stature. The former wrestler is one of the most popular action heroes in the world these days and makes a huge impression just because of his appearance. But that used to be completely different, the giant now revealed in an interview on the show “Sunday Today with Willie Geist”. As a child, he was mistaken for a girl because of his appearance, the 49-year-old said: “I would say that between the ages of 7 and 11 people thought I was a little girl because I had gentle features and a really gentle Afro -Hair.” How did “The Rock” come up with it? Among other things, through an encounter on the school bus that he had in fifth grade: “I sat down next to this boy and within 60 seconds he said: ‘May I ask you something?’ I said yes.’ He asks: ‘Are you a boy or a girl?’ “That was not the first situation in which he was mistaken for a girl.

Youth from “The Rock” is the subject of a new sitcom

A new sitcom called “Young Rock”, which is broadcast in the USA on the “NBC” station, is about moments like these and similar. A broadcast start for Germany is unfortunately not yet known. The “Jumanji” star is said to appear in every episode of the series, which looks back on his eventful childhood in a humorous way. His father was also a wrestler and therefore traveled a lot. As a result, he had to move frequently and by the time he started high school, he was already living in 13 different US states, Dwayne Johnson told Sunday Today with Willie Geist.

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