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Christian Bale couldn’t breathe as Batman

Who wants to be beautiful must suffer. And whoever wants to be Batman must apparently endure agony. At least that’s what happened to Christian Bale, who played the DC superhero in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

For the role as Bruce Wayne, Bale trained himself impressively for Batman Begins alone 45 kilos of muscle mass in just five months at. His steely body apparently only made it harder to slip into the Dark Knight’s suit.

At a press conference for The Dark Knight Rises at the time, the star spoke about the physical and mental painthat he initially suffered from the Batman suit.

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Christian Bale could barely breathe in the Batman suit

Business Insider reported in 2012 from the press conference for the finale of The Dark Knight trilogy, where Christian Bale talked about his first experience with the Batman suit on set said:

The claustrophobia was just amazing. I stood there and thought, ‘I can’t breathe. I can not think. This is too tight. That crushes my head. I’m about to get one mental breakdown‘.

Because the Batman suit was so tight and it made shooting so exhausting for Christian Bale Rework performed. In The Dark Knight, the star probably fit in so well that it even saved days of shooting. Nolan said:

The [Film] we finished shooting eight days earlier. I think part of that is because we created shortcuts to be able to put the suit on.

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Bale was able to form the suit at some point tear from the bodyas soon as, in extreme cases, he saw asterisks in front of his eyes.

It probably didn’t help much to be a cool Playboy billionaire. Inside the Batman suit, Christian Bales Bruce Wayne was little more than a Bruce Wayne at first flattened fish in the sardine can.

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Did you imagine wearing the Batman suit to be so exhausting?



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