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Adam Sandler gets serious in the trailer for the acclaimed thriller “Uncut Gems”

Source: A24

If you Adam Sandler thinks funny or not, that really does split opinions. While his earlier comedies have had a lot of fans, and I would count myself among them, he has really lost me with his newer films in recent years. But when the audience numbers of his films saw in the cinemas, Sandler managed a great coup – a contract with Netflix over four comedies, which was later extended by four more. The quality was given by posts like The Ridiculous 6, The do-over or Sandy Wexler not exactly better, but that one Netflix-Deal ensures that Sandler continues to be one of the highest-paid actors in the world year after year.

The combination of Netflix and Sandler’s hearts don’t beat faster. But you should take a closer look, because if Sandler gets the opportunity to show off his dramatic talent, he is quite capable of strong performances. Am Punch-Drunk Love and The love in me previously showed. at Netflix it was the year before last in the not at all silly one The Meyerowitz Stories by Noah Baumbach. Things are getting even more serious and, according to initial reviews, better in Uncut Gems, the thriller that was released in the US by A24, but internationally again by Netflix is distributed.

In the film by brothers Josh and Ben Safdie (Good time) plays Sandler Howard Ratner, the gambling-addicted owner of a jewelry store who is up to his neck in gambling debts that he has to pay off as quickly as possible. Howard gambles, risks and gets deeper and deeper into an uncontrollable vortex. There is no room for a lot of comedy here, rather the audience can expect an intense performance by Sandler, as one has never seen him before. The new trailer for the film, which has a similarly stylish, urgent staging as Good time from the Safdies, definitely makes you want more and actually want Sandler.

In the US, the A24 Uncut Gems at the 13th December in the middle of the Oscar season, hoping to get involved. When the film at Netflix will land is not yet certain, but probably already a few weeks after the US theatrical release. We will keep you up to date.



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