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Queen Latifah against bank robbers in the season 2 trailer

Source: CBS

On October 10th Queen Latifah as the single parenting angel of revenge Robyn McCall in the 2nd season of “The Equalizer” return to CBS. In case you didn’t catch it, the US broadcaster has the eighties series “The Equalizer – The Guardian Angel of New York” rebooted this year with Queen Latifah in Edward Woodward’s original role after Denzel Washington most recently impersonated the equalizer in two quite successful movies. Remains to this day The Equalizer 2 the only sequel in his entire, long career, and whether he will bring justice to the screen a third time as Robert McCall remains to be seen. In the meantime, however, the new series version recorded solid success, so that the extension for a second season followed very quickly.

When this starts next month in the USA, Robyn is initially considering quitting her voluntary sideline as an equalizer after she has realized at the end of the first season that her double life demands a lot of strength from her. Since the series doesn’t end, of course, you don’t need a crystal ball to know what your decision will be. It is NYPD detective Marcus Dante (Tory Kittles), of all people, who with the title in the season premiere “Aftermath” needed their services as an equalizer to provide a troop of particularly shrewd and unscrupulous bank robbers. The first trailer for the brand new season promises plenty of action again, Latifah in her element and a neurotic Adam Goldberg as the hacker who occasionally helps out Robyn.

The first season celebrated its German premiere on Sky One in this country in the summer. When and where the series will celebrate its free TV premiere with us has not yet been determined. It is also unclear when Sky will continue with new episodes, but we will keep you up to date.

Have you already checked out the series, and if so, how did you find it?

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