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Machine Gun Kelly: Megan Fox helps him out of the drug swamp

Machine Gun Kelly
Megan Fox helps him stay clean

Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly

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Getting rid of drug addiction is currently the biggest challenge for the American rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Always by his side is actress Megan Fox, who gives him the strength he needs to withstand daily temptation.

He owes a lot to her. Machine Gun Kelly, 30, has been dating Hollywood star Megan Fox, 34, since the beginning of the year. A relationship that is good for him. The rapper is currently trying to get rid of his drug addiction. His girlfriend is a great support to him. “When you have a partner with you on those dark nights when you sweat and can’t figure out why you’re on this in your head, who can help you straighten your head, it helps a lot,” explains the 30-year-old in conversation with the “Interview” magazine.

Machine Gun Kelly: happiness with Megan Fox motivates him

The still-wife of Beverly Hills 90210 star Brian Austin Green, 47, is his greatest motivation to stay clean. “Right now, my drug of choice is happiness and commitment to the arts, not commitment to a vice that I believed made art. I’m making progress.”

Drummer Travis Barker is a role model and support

Another solid rock: drummer Travis Barker, 45. He helped him stay on the right track. “Travis Barker really grounded me because he went through it himself,” explained MGK. “It’s different from a priest or something where I ask myself, ‘How can you understand me? It’s easy for you to tell me that if you’ve never faced these obstacles, I can do it.’ . ” With Travis he is sure that he knows what the rapper is going through.

Machine Gun Kelly: “I could still pull my hair out”

In the meantime, MGK, whose real name is Colson Baker, has started therapy. “I had my first therapy session last Thursday,” he admits. “That was the first time I said, ‘Hey, I have to separate these two people,’ I mean machine gun Kelly and Colson Baker.”

The musician is confident of defeating the addiction. “I’m early in the process. I think the tools I was given at the beginning seem helpful.” Nevertheless, impatience breaks out of him. “I could still pull my hair out. Why don’t I change overnight? How am I supposed to meditate for 10 minutes when I can’t sit in my own brain for two minutes without something distracting myself? It’s really hard.”

Still, MGK gets a lot of positives from trying to change its lifestyle. “The commitment to change is inspiring and I think it will reverberate through the universe and definitely through my family,” he says. “I can already see it in the people around me. The willingness to finally be happy with myself has invited a much livelier energy around us than before.”

Source used:Interview Magazine


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