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Is she back with ex-boyfriend Andrew Garfield ?!

Actress Emma Stone has now been spotted having a romantic dinner with ex-boyfriend Andrew Garfield and we have all the information …

Haaach Ladies, what magical news just before the weekend: Actress Emma Stone and her ex-boyfriend Andrew Garfield have now been spotted together again – at a romantic dinner in New York City! We had secretly always hoped for a love comeback of the “La La Land” actress and the 34-year-old, who admitted in several interviews after their separation in 2015 how much affection they still felt for each other and that a new attempt at a relationship would only fail because of the distance, because while the beauty was shooting the series “Maniac” in the Big Apple, the “The Amazing Spider-Man” star was on stage in London. Now everything looks like this reason is finally a thing of the past …

Emma Stone: separation from boyfriend Dave Mc Cary for ex Andrew Garfield ?!

But is Emma Stone even single again? Last October, she was said to have a relationship with director Dave McCary, but there have been no more pictures of the couple since February. Did the 29-year-old leave her boyfriend for her ex? According to a source from Page Six, the beauty was dining with Andrew on Tuesday night at the hip Dell’anima restaurant in the West Village and was super familiar with her former sweetheart: “They looked very much like a couple. They talked and sat close together. They laughed and grinned and they both looked very happy.” Well, if that doesn’t sound like a love comeback, then we don’t know either … ūüėć

Since Emma Stone has always been very careful To reveal as little as possible about their love life, it would not be surprising if the breakup with Dave McCary had been quiet. Your ex-boyfriend Andrewwho came out as her biggest fan last year after the “La La Land” actress won an Oscar, is now in New York for a long time, because his play “Angels in America” ‚Äč‚Äčis being performed on Broadway. So it seems like this time the timing is on the side of the former dream couple. We keep our fingers crossed that the two will soon be back on cloud nine and will provide us with magical couple shots on the red carpet …

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#OMG: Are Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield back together ?!

Does Emma Stones and Andrew Garfield’s love comeback fail because of THIS thing ?!

What? We have never seen actress Emma Stone like this before!

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