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Date Jennifer Lawrence – Culture

A sunny winter day in London, you have an appointment with Jennifer Lawrence. A good sentence, actually correct, but an interview appointment like this is of course a little more impersonal and time-consuming than an appointment. Before the appointment, the organizers of the conversation were busy with the organization of the Berlinale, so some information slips through.

They had gone to Claridge’s early from their own hotel, but the obvious option of practically staying the night there themselves had been dispensed with for obvious reasons. The cheapest room there costs 572 euros a night these days, but first you run into Fergie in the lobby, the real one, not the singer.

A suite serves as a waiting room. Another journalist is sitting around silently making final notes. At some point he gets up and goes to the toilet. Soon after, one of the employees of the film production company comes up and asks for a David. That must be your colleague, you point helplessly to the toilet. “Now, of all times?” Asks the film man, stunned, and positions himself in front of the toilet door. When it finally opens and two relieved men face each other, the film man asks: “You are David, yes?” And the colleague replies: “No, my name is Martin”, whereupon you hear yourself say: “My name is Martin too . ” There are now standing around: Two Martins, who are here because of Jennifer, who is supposed to talk about Dominika, the protagonist of their film – and a nameless man who is looking for David.

It soon turns out that the mistakes are due to a Berlinale-related information chaos: SZ colleague David, who was originally supposed to conduct the interview but had to cancel (Berlinale!), Was still on the list of names.

But then: Jennifer Lawrence. While she talks about her new film, in which the 27-year-old plays the Russian sex spy Dominika, she seems as if she is neither interested in the film nor in talking about it. “Red Sparrow” was already shot when the abuse scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein rocked the industry and Hollywood became a highly political place. Lawrence is extremely committed there, and so the topic of the conversation soon jumps from a somewhat exciting film to a very exciting reality. That now displeases the listening employees of the production company. After a tricky question at twelve minutes, she goes to the coffee table, tells something about a plane that supposedly has to be reached, and asks again where David is actually. She asks for “one last question”.

You look puzzled at the clock and are shocked (Jennifer Lawrence whispers: “Go ahead, I’ll answer the question”), you complain that a lot more time has been agreed (“I’m so sorry”) and that you had come from Munich especially for the interview (“I love Munich”). After a precious minute, the woman who was touched by the production company leaves the room, the interview actually continues – and revolves around Jennifer Lawrence’s controversial choice of clothes, online hatred and her poor parents.

Arjun Sethi
Passionate guitarist, gamer and writer. Lives for the perfect review, and scrapes texts until they are razor-sharp.


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