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Christian Bale: Robert Pattinson as Batman? “Wonderful!”

Christian Bale
Robert Pattinson as Batman? “Wonderful!”

Will the footsteps as Batman be too big for Robert Pattinson? In any case, Christian Bale trusts him to have a great bat career.

This praise must go down like oil for Robert Pattinson (33). Because while many Batman fans are still not quite sure what to think of the choice of the 33-year-old as Gotham’s new avenger, a very special man is on fire in this regard. Christian Bale (45), an ex-bat man from the highly acclaimed “Dark Knight” trilogy by director ace Christopher Nolan (49), was enthusiastic about the US site “Entertainment Tonight” and is sure that Pattinson has what it takes to be a Dark Knight.

“I think he’s an absolutely fantastic actor,” Bale was quoted as saying in a short interview at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival. “A wonderful choice for Batman!” Both Bale and Pattinson attended the event to each promote their new film. Bale presented the racing drama “Le Mans 66 – Against Any Chance” (theatrical release: November 14th) with Matt Damon (48), while Pattinson presented the fantasy horror “The Lighthouse”, in which he played alongside Willem Dafoe (64) plays. “The Lighthouse” has not yet been released in German.

Until Pattinson can be admired as Batman, we have to wait until 2021. The plans for the upcoming DC blockbuster are still in their infancy, besides Pattinson as the title hero and Matt Reeves (53, “Planet of the Apes: Revolution”) as director, no further personnel decisions have yet been made or known.




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