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Amanda Seyfried – information and films


Since she was in “Mamma Mia!“(2008) played the lovable daughter of Meryl Streep, there are offers for the likeable blonde with the angelic face and big blue eyes and long – often artificially elongated and carefully styled – hair. But mostly the roles are similar: as a child woman, As a fun-loving student, as an ethereal blonde. So it is no wonder that Amanda Seyfried wants more. She wants to play different roles, the beast as well as the lovable girl next door, but increasingly shed the image of the all-American girl and take on character roles – also less lovable characters. And she wants to keep her career going as long as possible. Although she is currently considered a promising cast, in 2010 three films with her alone will be shown in German cinemas: “Chloe“,”The light of the silent” and “letters to Julia“But the film business, as the young actress knows, is characterized by constant ups and downs and someone who receives enough offers today may have disappeared tomorrow.

But as smart as the young Pennsylvania actress seems, she is not immune to mistakes either. In 2009 she was seen as a nerd with thick horn-rimmed glasses in the teenage horror flicks “Jennifer’s Body – guys to their liking“, which should have drawn the few viewers into the cinemas for only one reason: Megan Fox. The erotic charisma of the brunette leading actress is too obviously in the foreground of the film, so that it is hardly noticeable that Amanda Seyfried is loosely playing her dark-haired colleague against the wall and is clearly the most popular figure in this horror comedy, but even her expressiveness could not save the flick from its unsophisticated demise at the US box office.

Given her young age, one hardly dares to believe that Amanda Seyfried is already an old hand in show business. At the age of nine she took acting lessons and had modeling contracts. She also received language lessons from a Broadway language trainer. She gained her first television experience in the soaps “As the World Turns” (2000-2001) and “All My Children” (2002/2003). In 2003 she spoke for “Girls Club – be careful!“but was not given the role of Regina George, for which she had applied, but that of Karen Smith – one of Regina George’s best friends and also a girl from the Plastics clique. She was also seen next to Glenn Close, Holly Hunter and Sissy Spacek in the independent film “Nine Lives” (2005) and with Donald Sutherland, Marcia Gay Harden and Forest Whitaker in the episodic social drama “American Gun“(2005). A year later she took on a small part in the pseudo-documentary drug drama”Alpha Dog – Deadly Friendship.

Despite her increased screen presence, the young actress with the Madonna smile and seductive eyes kept her mainstay in the television business and took on many episode roles in well-known TV series productions such as “Law & Order: New York” (2004), “Dr. House” (2005), “Wildfire”, “CSI – On the trail of the perpetrators”, “Veronica Mars”, “Justice: Not guilty!” (all 2006). Since 2006 she has also had a leading role in “Big Love”, a US television series about the life of a polygamous Mormon family. Other films and series with Amanda Seyfried: “Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves” (2006), “Solstice”, “Official Selection” (short film), “American Dad” (TV series, speaker, all 2008), “Boogie Woogie” (2009), “In Time – Your time is running out“,”Gone“(both 2011),”Les Misérables“,”The Big Wedding“(both 2012),”A Million Ways to Die in the West“(2014).

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