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Will Smith shares an honest photo of his body

This is a photo from May 2, 2021: Will Smith shares a photo of himself with a bare chest on social media, more precisely on his Instagram account, on which the actor is very active. But this does not pass his fans without a trace, because they notice that the 52-year-old is no longer in top shape.

A few weeks ago, Will Smith caused a big surprise when he talked about his wife Jada Pinkett. Because in the American TV show Red Talk Table the two spoke freely about their marriage.

Because they don’t want to leave rumors about their possible infidelity and they admit that their marriage has had to overcome major hurdles lately. Will Smith says on this occasion:

I couldn’t take you anymore! That can happen in marriages … We have decided to live apart for a time in which you rediscover what made you happy, each of us. At that moment I thought that maybe that really meant the end. Each of us has tried to heal ourselves in very different ways. I want to say that we did everything we could to break up before we realized it wasn’t possible.

“I want to be honest with you guys”

The 52-year-old actor usually makes a name for himself because of his dream body and his many films. So it comes as a surprise for his fans to see exactly the opposite of a fit body unfiltered.

On Sunday, May 2, 2021, the actor from “I Am Legend” has 53 million fans Instagram astonished when he places a photo there with his new and present body.

The photo shows the father of Jaden and Willow in shorts and slippers on the lawn in front of a pond. His open sports jacket then allows his fans a look at his upper body.

He doesn’t have much to do with the well-trained body of his younger years. Will Smith himself writes honestly about the fitness of his body:

I want to be honest with you guys: I’ve never been so unfit in my life.

Benevolent comments

His fans seem to have been amazed at first by how he looks today. But then benevolent comments quickly emerge Instagram a. Here are a few examples of the reactions under his latest photo – you can discover this in our video:

You hero, you’ve been in top shape all your life, now live out really proud in your dad-bod body.

Let me be honest with you You are 52 years old and you are absolutely fabulous!

We don’t care about your body, enjoy life!

You are and will always be Will Smith!

Sure, and what a Will Smith he is. Dad Bod or not, after all, that seems to be more in trend and men with Dad Bod have a completely different appeal to women. In this article we will explain why that is.

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