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Kate Winslet: My father is vaccinated

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Kate Winslet announced that her father was vaccinated against COVID 19.
The ‘Titanic’ actress has a close connection to her father Roger Winslet. That’s why she was all the happier when it was clear that the 81-year-old would receive a vaccination against the dangerous corona virus. In the podcast ‘WTF with Marc Maron’ Kate explains: “My father has already had his vaccination, he is 81, it feels like a great relief. He got his first dose. We all have to wait our turn. “

Although Kate may have to wait a while before she can get herself vaccinated – priority is given to high-risk patients – she was already dreaming of receiving the preventive measure. “I had a dream where I was vaccinated but it didn’t work,” she continues. before pulling out the needle. The rest of the vaccine splashed all over me and no one knew how to handle it or what to do. They didn’t know whether to vaccinate me again with half a syringe or do it all over again. It was very scary because nobody knew what the default was, that really scared me. “

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