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Elon Musk tweets Dogecoin nodes for the next upgrade

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is known as a supporter of the meme coin Dogecoin. An important upgrade is now due at DOGE. And this time, too, the enormous influence of Elon Musk’s tweets on this crypto currency is evident.

On Twitter, the owner of the Dogecoin developer account “Doge Whisperer” called for the next upcoming Dogecoin upgrade 1.14.4. In the tweet he explained in relation to the current status of the updated Dogecoin nodes:

“Elon Musk told me it was important that we update our #Dogecoin nodes. This will help secure the network and reduce transaction fees. We are currently at 763 nodes and we are making good progress. If you have an old node, upgrade to the latest version. The more new nodes, the better! “

A picture from Twitter

1.14.4 Dogecoin upgrade

The 1.14.4 Dogecoin upgrade has several goals. For example, the Dogecoin upgrade is intended to significantly reduce transaction fees for DOGE. In the long term, the low transaction costs should lead to more and more companies adopting and integrating the meme cryptocurrency. But in which price range are the Dogecoin Fees currently?

According to Bitinfocharts, the average Dogecoin fees are $ 0.589. At the end of August 2021, doge fees were $ 1.332, but transaction costs peaked at $ 2.52 in mid-2021.

Compared to other cryptocurrencies – such as Ethereum – these are relatively low transaction costs.

Elon Musk: “Important”

The Dogecoin developer “Doge Whisperer” said on Twitter at the end of August 2021:

“Update on # Dogecoin-Nodes: The latest update is currently running on 205 computers. More nodes need to be updated to 1.14.4 and more NEW nodes are needed. As soon as a higher percentage of the new node is running, a new update will be released. It helps secure the network and reduce transaction fees. “

Thereupon Elon Musk replied briefly and concisely: “Important”. The feedback from the community was correspondingly great.

But what about the Dogecoin price? The DOGE price is currently around the $ 0.24 mark. Since September 6, 2021, the DOGE price has been in a downward trend and has not been able to hold the price of 0.31 US dollars. In mid-August, the Dogecoin price stood at $ 0.34.

The crypto trader @CryptoGodfatha explains that the Dogecoin price could soar to an interesting high this year, namely to $ 0.50. The anonymous trader is also forecasting new all-time highs for other cryptocurrencies this year. If we go according to this forecast, it will be quite exciting this year.

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