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Ax attack from lovesickness – “Eerie scary, like in the movie Shining” – BZ Berlin

“I think it’s hacking,” thought a Köpenicker who was woken up at night by a loud rumbling. The apartment door was already splintering. Still, he dared to look through the spy. Outside stood the neighbor with the cleaver! Like Jack Nicholson once did in the Hollywood film “Shining”, the sheer horror! Trial in Berlin.

Tiergarten District Court. Accused: Peer B. (46). Stand builder from Köpenick. “My ex told me she’s now with my best friend,” he says. He drowned his lovesickness in schnapps (vodka, herbal liqueur, 2.09 per mille).

“I must have projected all of my hatred onto my neighbor.” In addition he shouted: “You don’t touch a woman again, I’m the devil and I’ll come and get you!”

Neighbor Mario W. (46) is still frightened. “The door wobbled and jerked. Saw him through the ax spy at work. I shouted: I haven’t done anything to you! “

The defendant: “I immediately held out my hands to the police for the handcuffs. I just wanted to scare him. But they took me to the homicide squad right away. “

Once across the penal code (bodily harm, damage to property, insult, threat, trespassing). Eight months probation. In addition 300 euros for the scared neighbor (moved away afterwards). “Terrifying, like in the movie Shining,” says the judge. “The neighbor got wet.”

Why he of all people attracted the anger remains unanswered.



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