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The biggest questions and our explanations

Neo and Trinity are back! In the first trailer for Matrix Resurrections, you again immerse yourself in the fascinating science fiction world of the Wachowskis. So far, it all looks pretty impressive. At furious action sequences the fourth part of the series will definitely not be lacking. But what exactly is going on in the trailer?

The first Matrix film with Keanu Reeves in the 4K version

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We looked at the Matrix Resurrections trailer frame by frame and discovered some exciting details that still emerge more exciting questions result. Some of them can already be answered, with others we are still in the dark. But the speculating before the cinema release is known to be the largest part of the anticipation.

Matrix Resurrections: Why Does Everything Look So Artificial?

The trailer begins with a picture of a city block and a skyline behind it. Both image levels look very backdrop-like or, in this case, better: programmed, digital, artificial, fake. The impression runs through the entire trailer, albeit not as extreme.

Matrix Resurrections

Is that just the digital look that weighs down many current films (Gemini Man for example), making them smoother but not more beautiful? Or is the artificiality a not so subtle aesthetic hint and thus part of the world / simulation / illusion into which Neo has slipped? I guess the second variant. (HB)

Is Yahya Abdul-Mateen II the new Morpheus in Matrix 4?

Round sunglasses, scars on the cheeks, generally cool, mysterious demeanor: that can only be Morpheus. And he is too, there is a (young) Morpheus in Matrix Resurrections and he is played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Watchmen, Candyman). The actor personally confirmed the identity of his character:

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We will not see an appearance by Laurence Fishburne, the original Morpheus, in Matrix 4, as the actor had to announce some time ago, to his own displeasure and to the displeasure of many fans. (HB)

What’s wrong with Neo in Matrix Resurrections?

Neo’s obvious amnesia is the trailer’s biggest mystery. One possible explanation is the scene in which Neo is rescued naked by machines: it is possible that after the end of Matrix Revolutions he was revived by them and reintegrated into the Matrix.

Matrix Resurrections

The blue pills suggest that the Guardians of the Matrix are trying to prevent him from discovering the truth and are using control programs like the therapist (Neil Patrick Harris) to monitor him. In the end, however, he is found by his colleagues and put into the picture again. The only question then is: what happened to the armistice of the original Matrix Final? (JFW)

Do the figures in Matrix 4 see the first part?

Yes indeed! Scenes from the first Matrix film can be seen in individual shots. Once, as the aged Mr. Anderson, Keanu Reeves even walks right past his younger counterpart, which is projected onto a video wall in the background. However, he does not recognize it. In addition, scraps of images from the first part can be seen in the Resurrections trailer.

Matrix Resurrections

At the end of the trailer, the character played by Mindhunter star Jonathan Groff says that Neo has to go back to where it all started. This sentence is apparently meant literally. Matrix Resurrections brings back the origins of the series. For a brief moment, it even looks like the characters are walking straight into the 1999 film. Get ready for a wicked metafilm. (MH)

Is Matrix Resurrections coming up with a new oracle?

An important part of Matrix mythology is the oracle. It accompanies Neo at the most important stations on the way to becoming the chosen one. Many fans now speculate that an older version of the Sati program takes on this role in Matrix Resurrections, as it was often seen as a “child” together with the first oracle.

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The supposed oracle reads a copy of Alice in Wonderland. Individual motifs from Lewis Carroll’s literary classics appeared in the previous Matrix films. Best known is the white rabbit, which Neo is supposed to follow at the beginning of the story. It also appears as a variation in Matrix Resurrections, not to mention the use of the Jefferson Airplane song White Rabbit in the trailer. (MH)

We are very excited to see how Matrix Resurrections will answer the many questions that the trailer raises. At the December 23, 2021 the sequel staged by Lana Wachowski comes to the cinemas.

More in the podcast: How well have the Matrix films aged?

Before Matrix 4 hits the cinemas, we looked at the first three parts again and talked about them in the Moviepilot podcast Stream Flurry.

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We talk about Keanu Reeves, of course, compare Trinity and Neo with Sam and Frodo and check in which areas the films have aged well – and in which not.

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What are you most concerned with in the Matrix Resurrections trailer?



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