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Jealousy drama! Is Your Marriage at Risk?

Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher: separation?

Is yours before shortly before the end? It should be between Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher violent crisis – and this time it could mean the separation. “You have often had problems with Ashton doing his thing. But this time Mila may not forgive him anymore”, such a girlfriend the actress.

The reason for the Love affair: Reese Witherspoon. Because she’s not just one of the most desirable and most influential women in Hollywood, but also one of the most beautiful – and Ashton is currently shooting the romantic comedy “Your Place Or Mine” for Netflix with her. This is the first for the 43-year-old serious Film project since 2013, and he’s totally on fire!

But that is mainly related to Reese. He adores her. He never misses a meeting, rehearsal or email and is available for you day and night,

reveals a friend of Ashton’s. He actually didn’t want to go back in front of the camera. Finally he’s through clever Tech investments become filthy rich. And: In the past, Ashton had numerous Projects declined – to take care of his wife and children To take care of. But when the offer came to work with the 45-year-old, he should change it considered to have.

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Mila Kunis: Crazy rules for Ashton Kutcher

No wonderthat Mila no longer understands the world! “She has the feeling that Ashton is talking more to Reese than to her right now! Reese is one of the most successful producers in the industry and Mila is raving with jealousy.”, she knows familiar.

The 38-year-old should therefore be one of her husband ultimatum have asked: From 7 p.m. it is family time, Ashton is then no longer allowed to answer emails or answer the phone when Reese calls. Meetings with her outside of the set are from now on for him as well taboo: “If he doesn’t follow Mila’s rules, there will be consequences.”

And Mila drives completely different ones Guns on: You simply turn the tables. She is currently in front of the camera with Finn Wittrock in New York. The two play a role in the film “Luckiest Girl Alive” Lovers, but they should also get along brilliantly when the Headlights off are: “They flirt all the time. The chemistry is right between them. Mila wants to make Ashton jealous of Finn and show him what he has about her.” Does it work?

Text from the current OK! Print edition by Julia Liebing

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