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It was awful: Kate Winslet: Titanic fame had a downside – entertainment

Kate Winslet couldn’t handle her fame at first Photo: Tinseltown / shutterstock.com

The fame that Kate Winslet gained through “Titanic” also had some negative sides with it. The British press in particular was not particularly nice to her.

Through her role as Rose DeWitt Bukater in “Titanic”, Kate Winslet (45) became world famous in one fell swoop alongside Leonardo DiCaprio (46). But the sudden fame also had its downsides. As the actress now revealed, she felt particularly “bullied” by the British press.

“It was like day and night from one day to the next,” recalls Winslet in the “WTF” podcast by US comedian Marc Maron (57). She immediately went into a “self-protection mode” after the film by director James Cameron (66) was released. “There was constant scrutiny of my body and a lot of criticism – the British press wasn’t exactly nice to me. I felt bullied, if I’m honest,” continued Winslet.

She wasn’t ready for fame

That was simply “terrible” and she only hoped it would pass. “It passed, of course, but that also made me realize that if that means being famous, I was absolutely not ready to be famous. Definitely not,” explains Winslet, who has actually been around since childhood stood in front of the camera and was awarded a BAFTA award for best supporting actress for her role in the drama “Sense and Sensibility”. She was nominated for an Oscar for the same role. When “Titanic” came out, Winslet was 22 years old and she was still “learning how to act”.

After the birth of their first daughter Mia (20) in 2000, “all this stuff just vanished into thin air”. It was no longer scrutinized and Winslet no longer bothered about it: “My focus was on my child and that was all that counted,” the mother of three now continues.



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