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Hugh Jackman: She’s The Cause Of The Argument With Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman: “I try to limit the planning of revenge to five hours a day”

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman

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Teasing on Instagram, nasty swipes during interviews, and even rigged movie posters: the list of pranks between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds is endless. Now Jackman has revealed how it came about.

Hugh Jackman, 51, and Ryan Reynolds, 43, have been fighting for years – of course, the taunts are pure friendship and humor. Whether in interviews, on Instagram or in videos: The feud between the two actors always provides entertainment. In an interview with “The Daily Beast” Hugh Jackman has now revealed how the dispute between the two came about.

Hugh Jackman reveals the reason for the feud

The little swipes between Jackman and Reynolds began more than ten years ago. Ryan Reynolds was married to Scarlett Johansson, 35, at the time – from 2008 to 2011. “I learned him [Ryan Reynolds] knew during the filming of “Wolverine” and always teased him because I was very close to Scarlett and Scarlett had just married Ryan, “the actor recalls. And further:” Then when he showed up on the set, I said: ‘ Hey, you should be better off here, buddy. Because I look closely. ‘ We started teasing each other like that, and then it escalated with the Deadpool thing, “Jackman said.

Hugh Jackson and Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman & Ryan Reynolds in the Marvel Universe

With Reynolds’ role as “Deadpool”, the actors are once and for all rivals. Apparently, the actors took the embodiment of their Marvel roles a little too seriously and took the fictional feud into their real life – much to the delight of the fans, who enjoy the hilarious pranks over and over again. Jackman invited Reynolds to a party over Christmas. “They said it was a sweater party,” writes Reynolds about the picture, which shows him in a Christmas sweater, while Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal, 39, can barely stop laughing. For each prank, of course, there is plenty of reciprocation afterward.

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An end to the teasing is hardly in sight. After all, Reynolds has been separated from Scarlett Johansson for nine years and is happily married to his wife Blake Lively, 32. Still, the humorous war between “Wolverine” and “Deadpool” still seems to occupy a lot of space in the actors’ lives. Hugh Jackman jokes in an interview: “I try to limit revenge planning to five hours a day. I’ve found in the past that obsessing over Ryan Reynolds for more than five hours becomes simply unhealthy. But five hours are good and healthy and keep me strong and ready. ” Well, the fans can look forward to more pranks.

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