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For new film: Kate Winslet is still shooting nude scenes

Who doesn’t know the legendary scene from the movie Titanic, in which Kate Winslet (45) lolls naked on the sofa in the role of Rose DeWitt Bukater? It is probably only the best-known of numerous sequences for which the now 45-year-old dropped the covers. And even if your body may have changed over the years: For her films, Kate still appears completely unveiled in front of the camera.

“I was surprised how it felt. I felt good about it, really”, describes Kate opposite to DailyMail the shooting of her latest film “Ammonite”, the script of which had sex scenes with colleague Saoirse Ronan (26). “I’ve got my marks and scars, and I’m older. It’s a different body than the one I had 20 years ago,” she continues. It was wonderful to share the same language with another woman. Saoirse and Kate had asked director Francis Lee to be allowed to choreograph the recordings himself.

In the interview, the British woman also criticized the different standards with regard to the description of same-sex and heterosexual intimacy. “Why can’t the scenes just be described as’ passionate ‘instead of’ lesbian ‘or’ gay ‘? Neither would we like the’ straight romance ”Titanic‘speak! “declared the actress.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in “Titanic”
Kate Winslet on the set of “Ammonite”
Kate Winslet, British actress



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