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Culture start with summer edition 2021 | Sulingen

A gig. Finally. In Sulingen: Entertainer Kay Ray will be a guest in the Bürgerhausgarten on August 27th.

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Sulingen – “We are also starting again”, announces Ariane Hanselmann, managing director of the cultural association Sulingen. The program for the 2021/2022 season is not what she would like to introduce, but rather: “We added a date to the summer edition, packed everything into July and August because June was still too uncertain for us.” The guests who If you are in the mood for entertainment under the stars, you can look forward to it.

Only the start with the “Oper légère” is “covered”: the theme on Sunday, July 25th, is that Magic Flute, after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. “It sounds so wonderful, it sounds so beautiful,” it says from 5 p.m. when Mozart’s “blockbuster number one” as a “multi-layered mystery play in an oriental garb” including “various possible interpretations between magical fairy tales and Masonic opus, the Enlightenment manifesto and Viennese folk comedy” (that is the name of the it is presented in the press release). The invitation is exceptionally valid in the old mayor’s office, because soprano Franziska Dannheim is congenially accompanied on the piano by Jeong-Min Kim.

“We are terribly happy that we can do something again,” says Ariane Hanselmann. When reading the constantly new regulations and requirements, offers from the artists are increasingly mixed up again, because: “They are also really happy that they are allowed to play again.” Basically, however, the Corona requirements remain the measure. This is important to Hanselmann, but everyone should “enjoy the cultural events in Sulingen from the bottom of their hearts”. That’s why Hanselmann says: “We’ll stay outside.” And if it’s cold, does it rain a little? “We stay outside. The spectators are asked to dress weatherproof. “Really? “Well, unless it storms.”

If the weather forecast is unfavorable, it is advisable to take a quick look at the website to see whether there are any changes in the process. Are you having problems booking events for outside? “No. The artists want to play. They are happy if they are booked at all. ”And so does Hanselmann Cabaret artist Bernd Regenauer and magician Christoph Kuch for their first outdoor appointment. Actually, they should already perform here in the 2020/2021 season, the duo will now be traveling to Sulingen on Thursday, July 29th, performing at 8 p.m. in the Bürgerhausgarten.

A reunion with “Milou & Flint“Will be available on Friday, July 30th, at 7 pm. The duo has found a community of fans in Sulingen that can happily grow. “They were very well received at the last gig, and word got around,” says Ariane Hanselmann. So much so that of the few tickets that have even been booked for events, various purchases have already been noted for this appearance.

Tickets for the individual dates of the Summer edition are available from the ticket shop on the association’s homepage (, from the Sulingen bookstore Eulenspiegel and from the branches of the Kreiszeitung media group. Ariane Hanselmann asks guests to download the Luca app or the Corona warning app onto their mobile phone in order to be able to “check in” for the event.

This also applies to the fourth date of the summer edition: The evening with Kay Ray begins on Friday, August 27th, at 8 p.m. “It gets cheeky,” explains Hanselmann. Kay Ray be ready for all faxes. Regardless of losses, it says in the announcement. Just a joker without fear and blame. The cultural association faces the current difficult situation without fear and prepares a stage for the artists in the middle center. In the open air – and hopes that the audience will thirst for culture after such a long break.

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We are terribly happy that we can do something again.

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