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Crypto Price Forecast: Bitcoin Coming To $ 100,000? Ethereum structurally at up to 35,000? – 09/10/21 – News

Analysts at Standard Chartered Bank have predicted a doubling of the Bitcoin rate by early 2022. Ethereum will even overtake Bitcoin’s growth potential. How realistic are these forecasts?

According to the study by the new crypto research team at Standard Chartered Bank, the world’s largest crypto currency in terms of market capitalization could rise to 100,000 US dollars and be worth more than 175,000 US dollars in the long term Peaked around $ 100,000 in late 2021 or early 2022. ” First reported Reuters about that.

The bank also said in Tuesday’s note that it will “structurally” value Ethereum at $ 26,000 to $ 35,000 if bitcoin hits $ 175,000 in that period. The analysts estimate that Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin’s growth potential.

We asked Timo Emden, crypto-analyst at the analysis house of the same name, how he assesses this forecast: “Forecasts of this kind can turn out to be misleading for investors because they are viewed as a supposedly ‘safe bet’. rather than helping the industry. In doing so, risks are completely left out. Investors should always consider the other flip side of the coin, i.e. the risk of a total loss, in their investment decision. “

However, Emden believes that reaching the all-time high for Bitcoin (approx. 65,000 US dollars) and Ether (approx. 4,400 US dollars) is possible this year.

On Tuesday, shortly after the introduction of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador, there was a flash crash on the crypto market, in which it lost more than 400 billion US dollars in value within one day.

Author: Gina Moesing, wallstreet: online central editorial office

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