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Crazy Thor 4 theory is not unlikely at all

Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster will succeed Chris Hemsworth’s god of thunder in Thor 4: Love and Thunder – that much is certain. But even if a set video could already show the most anticipated moment of the MCU cracker, Marvel fans still don’t know anything specific about the type of replacement.

According to the comic template, the hero change is heralded, by Foster proving himself worthy of Mjölnir, the hammer of the gods and can pick it up. One Fan theory on Reddit now explains how she even got hold of the mythical beater – after all, he is actually destroyed.

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Thor 4 Fan Theory: Natalie Portman and Captain America in Space

For all those who don’t have Avengers: Endgame so well in their heads: Thor borrows the hammer from his 2013 version there, because Mjölnir was destroyed in the original timeline by his sister Hela. Captain America brings the gavel back to the 2013 timeline at the end of the film. That means Jane Foster can prove herself worthy with two Mjölnirs:

  • The 2013 Mjölnir (in case Cap didn’t bring it back)
  • The fragmented Mjölnir of the original line

This theory is about the 2013 version

Captain America brings Mjölnir back to its original time

How Jane got the Mjölnir of 2013 explains the fan theory as follows: Captain America could have failed in his endeavor and brought Mjolnir to the moon. What sounds completely absurd at first is not that improbable – and has possibly already been teased in an episode The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

There are various conspiracy theories about Steve Rogers’ original cap. One of them is that he is supposed to be on the moon. That would be far-fetched if the comic book template for Thor 4 didn’t follow up on it.

Natalie Portman finds Mjölnir on the moon

In the comics by author Jason Aaron, Thor fights with an aged Nick Fury on the moon (long story). Fury reveals a secret to the son of Odins that makes him lose the ability to lead Mjölnir. The Götterhammer immediately cuts into the surface of the moon and remains there, since no one – not even Thorfater Odin – can pick it up.

On the moon: Thor cannot lift Mjolnir

but while Thor fights his way through world history frustrated and hammerless, Mjölnir finds a new owner – and the name Thor a new bearer. Jane Foster appears as Mighty Thor on the surface of the moon and lifts the hammer of gods towards space.

Natalie Portman on the moon: how likely is the Thor 4 theory?

The question about the whereabouts of Mjölnir, the Cap conspiracy theory and Jane Foster’s entry into Thor could be combined in this way. The theory may seem crazy – but Thor 4 promises to be one of the craziest and possibly best Marvel films of all time anyway. Rather, one point of criticism is that the theory is based too much on the comic book templates and too little on the MCU.

Jane Foster lifts the hammer from the surface of the moon

Does the theory fit into the MCU?

As The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has made abundantly clear, there is little in the MCU as sacred and important as the legacy of Steve Rogers. To modify his venerable departure with a complex moon story seems inappropriate.

The question also remains why Rogers should have brought the gods hammer to the moon of all places (and how he managed to do it so easily at all). Here, the fan theory seems to want to omit the Nick Fury storyline from the comic template without replacing it with a plausible MCU alternative.

How exactly Jane Foster gets to the gods hammer, we will probably only find out about the theatrical release of Thor 4 on May 5, 2022. To see how Natalie Portman pulls Mjölnir out of the moondust in the blackness of the universe, would, however, be a grandiose scene in a film that is by no means poor in terms of show values.

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