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Chris Hemsworth could be heard as Frog-Thor

Loki: Chris Hemsworth could be heard as Frog-Thor

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Throg in the Loki episode Journey Into Mystery (c) Disney + / Marvel Studios

The fifth Loki episode was a feast for explorers and Easter egg collectors, because in addition to numerous Lokis, there was also a special Thor variant to discover. The speaker is an old friend …

Journey Into Mystery is the fifth episode of the Marvel series Loki from Disney + and it has presented so many Easter eggs to all attentive viewers that one could get dizzy. But it was not only raining Loki variants and thanoscopter, but also a special Thor that was hidden in the cross-section of the picture. In an interview with For all the nerds (via Entertainment Weekly) director Kate Herron confirmed that the voice of the frog Thor aka Throg belongs to none other than Chris Hemsworth, who even recorded new material for it. Hemsworth is also featured in the animated series What if …? heard again as the god of thunder, for which a trailer was recently released.

Herron: “We recorded Chris Hemsworth for it, by the way. We took him in for that. His voice like he said ‘Ahhh!’ says that’s a new recording. Not reused. He recorded it.

In said episode, Loki (Tom Hiddlestone) and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) are in a place called the Void, which the TVA classifies as the end of time. In this location, separated from the rest of the sacred timeline, many Loki variants are banned. There is also a guard named Alioth there. And Loki variants like Kid Loki (Jack Veal) or Classic Loki (Richard E. Grant). The Frog Thor has meanwhile been trapped in a jar by someone and buried underground. In addition, you can see a Mjölnir near him, which he may be trying to reach. Like many of the alternative Lokis, the character also appears in the comics.

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Head Writer Michael Waldron has opposite EW Herron is named as the source of the Easter Eggs. He wrote a few in, but it was more important to him to show how to properly approach the Alioth situation.

The Thanos-copter is meanwhile based on the production team. “Guardians of the Galaxy“-Director James Gunn had wanted to keep the Mad Titan helicopter somewhere for a long time. This week the final Loki episode airs on Disney +. Then the audience should possibly learn more about the mastermind behind the TVA conspiracy.

You can find a detailed video with the Easter Eggs of the episode here:

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