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Baywatch – SAT.1 – TV program

The remake of “Baywatch” has nothing to do with the series. But the parody entertains with brisk sayings and a lot of sun. Perfect for a TV evening in the cold winter.

White sand, blue water, clear skies – the beach could hardly be more idyllic. Until suddenly a gust of wind tears a windsurfer up – a lifeguard rushes to the rescue. The face of the helper appears in close-up in front of a kitschy sunset. Dwayne Johnson looks resolutely into the camera, and the monumental “Baywatch” lettering in red letters appears against the colorful sky. As if that wasn’t already applied thick enough, four dolphins in synchronized jump round off the intro.

One thing is already clear: this remake no longer has much to do with the 80s series. Rather, it is a parody with a summery light tone. Since SAT.1 is now repeating the colorful action comedy, TV viewers can enjoy it even in the dead of winter and even sniff a little holiday air despite the corona pandemic.

Sure, the muscular Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson) cannot do everything alone: ​​The head of the “Baywatch” team is looking for reinforcement for his lifeguard group. There is the pretty blonde (Kelly Rohrbach) who likes the nerd (Jon Bass), the unapproachable silence (Alexandra Daddario), the experienced (Ilfenesh Hadera) and not to forget the bully Matt (Zac Efron). The latter is a former Olympic swimmer who, thanks to his alcohol antics, has hit hard ground. Or rather, on the soft sand of California’s beaches, which he is now allowed to monitor for PR reasons.

Zac Efron plays with his image

Even if an endangered life is saved from the sea from time to time, the swimmer team tries mainly to uncover drug smuggling. In order to bring down the gangster bride Victoria Leeds (Priyanka Chopra), Mitch and his protégés do not shy away from any challenges. The two alpha males Mitch and Matt clash again and again to the delight of the audience.

Above all, Zac Efron plays with his image and shows that he can laugh at himself when he has to be dubbed “Mr. High School Musical”, “One Direction” or “Malibu Ken”. The film doesn’t take itself too seriously in the action scenes either: Everything is too big, too bright, too blatant and doesn’t just overshoot the mark once.

Although none of this sounds like the old “Baywatch”, director Seth Gordon (“Kill the Boss”) diligently uses the template. If you can’t laugh at the jokes of screenwriters Mark Swift and Damian Shannon, you might also enjoy skimpy red swimsuits. In the 2017 version, too, the “Baywatch” ladies are allowed to run along the waves in slow motion, but this time the characteristic walk is only dry with sentences from the brand: “Is she really running in slow motion?” acknowledged. So that the picture is complete, David Hasselhoff, whose role Dwayne Johnson has now taken over, helps the new cast out of a jam. Series star Pamela Anderson may not have slipped into her red swimsuit again, but she too is allowed to take a look at the newbies.

Baywatch – Thu 14.01. – SAT.1: 8.15 p.m.

Source: teleschau – der mediendienst GmbH

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