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Wow! Her daughter Stormi is that big>entertainment>

August 25, 2021 – 11:47 am clock

Stormi can hardly be recognized

She poses casually in baggy pants and a cool comic T-shirt: three-year-old Stormi Webster now looks pretty grown up! After an insider dropped the baby bomb around Kylie Jenner, the pregnant woman now announces who her “favorite girl” is.

Kylie shows here who her “favorite girl” is

Stormi becomes a big sister

While everything revolved around baby number two recently, the attention now belongs to daughter Stormi Webster again. Posing coolly, the firstborn shows up on her proud mom’s Instagram account. “Favorite girl” comments the 24-year-old on the photo gallery. Stormi wears blue sneakers, baggy jeans and an oversized shirt – matching larger earrings and a pinned up bun. The three-year-old proves: Big, cool sister can do it! Even Hailey Bieber comments: “Cooler than everyone I know”.

Stormi is allowed to sit in the school bus

Stormi Webster

“Daddy surprised her,” writes mom Kylie Jenner about the photo of her little daughter.

© Instagram, Instaram, Kylie Jenner

Apparently the parents-to-be, Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, are paying extra attention to their firstborn. Stormi can even smell sitting in a school bus. A big wish for the little one has apparently come true, as Mama Kylie then writes in her Instagram story:

Kylie Jenner’s second pregnancy

While Stormi is already playing school and was allowed to see a school bus from the inside, Mama Kylie does not show herself in her Instagram story. An insider suspects that she will continue to want to keep most of her second pregnancy to herself. In addition, the insider raved about the baby happiness of the pretty mother: “Kylie has been pregnant for a few months. She has a sweet baby bump.”

The parents-to-be themselves have not yet commented on the second pregnancy. So how good that at least daughter Stormi seems to have positioned herself: as a cool, older sister. (mwa)

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