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Thor: Love and Thunder: Natalie Portman reveals exciting detail – entertainment

Natalie Portman becomes a demigoddess in the next “Thor” film Photo: Denis Makarenko /

Natalie Portman becomes the title character in “Thor: Love and Thunder”. As such, however, it also has to face very worldly horrors. Warning, spoilers!

In the fourth part of the “Thor” series called “Love and Thunder”, Chris Hemsworth (37) will pass on his god hammer Mjölnir to Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman (39). This significant changing of the guard has been in place for over a year. Portman has now revealed an important detail in an interview with the “Fatherly” page: The film by Oscar winner Taika Waititi (45) will remain true to the comic book with the aspect that Foster will not only have to face super villains, but also cancer.

There is the film “Thor: The Dark Kingdom” also with Natalie Portman

The way Portman talks about this storyline even suggests that the disease could make up a large part of the story: The film “is based on the graphic novel ‘Mighty Thor’. She is undergoing cancer treatment and is also a superhero “said Portman.

The actress worked as a female lead in the first part of the “Thor” series, in the second part her part was already much smaller and in “Thor 3: Day of Decision” she was no longer seen at all. Her return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with “Love and Thunder” is scheduled for February 10, 2022 in this country.



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