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Rihanna: Is she losing everything now?

After the singer has not released any music for a long time, her path in the fashion industry now seems to be coming to an end. Will she lose everything anytime soon? We reveal more …

Rihanna can really be described as a multi-talent, given the many gifts she has. In addition to being a sought-after singer with countless awards, she is also a successful actress and popular fashion designer. In the past few years it almost seemed as if she wanted to take a little break from music and film in order to make herself even better to be able to build up a third pillar with her beauty and fashion brand Fenty. And that with active support from the largest fashion group in the world: LVMH. But now her career as a designer seems to be over sooner than some of us thought.

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Is this the beginning of the end for Rihanna?

Your fashion shows have already gone down in history. Because Rihanna seems to have a born talent when it comes to entertainment. But positive headlines have not saved anyone from ruin. Even if Fenty fashion has become increasingly popular over the past two years, LVMH and the 32-year-old designer have now decided to take a break. According to the fashion company, it says: “Together with Rihanna, we decided to put the brand on hold until further notice and hope for better conditions in Europe.“That means something like until the pandemic comes to an end. Instead, it should continue to invest in the “Fenty x Savage” lingerie line and in beauty products. Still, crushing the fashion brand could also mean that LVMH no longer sees a future with the beauty of Barbados and will soon also part with the other two brands of the singer. Your career as a business woman could come to a quick end. Can we expect a new album now that she has more time? It would definitely be a nice consolation!

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