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Reese Witherspoon celebrates former DSDS candidate

Updated on 02.02.2021, 4:44 p.m.

  • Reese Witherspoon celebrates the song of a former DSDS candidate on Instagram.
  • The Hollywood star is obviously taken with the title “Long live life” by Maria Voskania: “Oh, this one is 100”, she comments.
  • Witherspoon lived in Germany for some time as a child.

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Since the advent of the major streaming platforms, there are practically no limits in the world of music; almost every consumer can listen to everything almost anywhere in the world. It can happen that a Hollywood star suddenly has songs by a former DSDS candidate in the playlist. This is exactly what is now at Reese Witherspoon (44) happened.

The American actress apparently has the title “Long Live Life” from Maria Voskania (33) discovered for himself. Witherspoon was so enthusiastic about the song that she gave the Schlager-Sonnenschein a big praise and a name link in an Instagram story.

Witherspoon wrote about Voskania and their music: “Oh, this one is 100” (loosely translated: “Oh, this one is great”). Voskania should have been quite happy about this award, after all Witherspoon has more than 25 million followers on Instagram via a gigantic social media audience.

Reese Witherspoon used to live in Germany

Voskania, who came to Germany from Armenia at the age of seven, has recently steadily worked her way up in the German hit landscape. She was first Background singer for Helene Fischer and took the third place on the casting show Germany seeks the superstar“After the release of” Magie “in August 2017, she is currently working on a new album.

It is probably no coincidence that Reese Witherspoon listens to German songs: As a child, she lived in Wiesbaden, where her father was stationed in the US Air Force, and learned German at the time. (ch)
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Reese Witherspoon, Hollywood, Maria Voskania, DSDS, Schlager
Maria Voskania took third place in 2017 in “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”.

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