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PALMERS posts record sales | Palmers Textil AG, September 10, 2021

The corona crisis was yesterday: With a clear strategy, the traditional laundry company PALMERS was able to achieve a brilliant record result in the first half of 2021.

Vienna (OTS) PALMERS leaves the corona crisis behind. Because: In the first half of 2021, the Austrian market leader in the underwear sector managed to record more than 32% sales growth and thus even surpass the previously strongest sales year 2019 by 14% (1st half of 2021 compared to 1st half of 2019). PALMERS announced these and other key figures as well as news from the company on Thursday, September 9, 2021 as part of its annual press conference. With a unique view from the JUWEL over the rooftops of Vienna, Ralph Hofmann, PALMERS Director Marketing & Sales, Robert Weiß, the new PALMERS Director Finance and long-time PALMERS Head of Product Eva Renk-Klenkhart spoke about the success strategy of the cult brand, changes in the consumer * indoor behavior and current trends in the lingerie segment.

PALMERS with exceptional growth

As early as 2020, PALMERS was able to master the corona crisis and to this day ensure that not a single job had to be cut. Today, a year later, PALMERS can look back on unprecedented results: “After we succeeded significantly better than the market in 2020, we are now particularly proud of our record results in the first half of 2021. Despite the tough lockdowns in Austria and Germany, we were able to achieve more than 32% sales growth in the group”, says Ralph Hofmann, Director Marketing & Sales at PALMERS. The past financial year, which ended on January 31, 2021, was also a complete success for the long-established company: “In the past fiscal year 2020/21 we expect a balanced result with a positive EBITDA despite the global pandemic. In the current fiscal year, thanks to record sales, we are expecting a strong increase in corporate earnings.”, states Robert Weiß. He was introduced at the press conference as the new Director Finance at PALMERS.

Success strategy puts customers at the center

“Even before Corona, we pushed ahead with major structural projects that are now proving to be the foundation of our stable financial situation,” explains Weiß, referring to a number of key drivers that have ensured record results in economically volatile times. With the PALMERS promise “Best fit, best quality and best advice“PALMERS focuses on the diversity and needs of customers. And so the Austrian company developed numerous product innovations in the past year, is currently implementing a new CRM system for the PALMERS Club and has pushed ahead with its digitization offensive, which has become more important than ever in the post-Corona era. Ralph Hofmann outlines the strategy for success as follows: “We are back on a stable growth path. Our customers have received the completely revised collection extremely well. We are now pushing new product innovations and collaborations, such as our PALMERS x MARINA HOERMANSEDER capsule collections. Many people do that too attract new target groups to us. “

p2 and basics by PALMERS in the fast lane

The credo “Together we are strong” also proved to be a successful growth driver for PALMERS and its cooperation partners in wholesale. “Thanks to our wholesale partners, we are now even more visible with our brands PALMERS, p2 and basics by PALMERS. Especially in times of pandemics, it is particularly important to have several pillars”, says Ralph Hofmann, PALMERS Director Marketing & Sales. The subsidiary brand p2 is back in over 500 BIPA branches after a three-year break and this year not only impressed with different bikini models, but also with innovative mix and match basics, which will soon also be available for men. In mid-March of this year, PALMERS embarked on a joint fashion trip with INTERSPAR with the new exclusive brand basics by PALMERS. Hofmann states: “Both brands – both p2 and basics by PALMERS – perform strongly and are also internationally successful.”

PALMERS presents the new autumn / winter collection

A success strategy that focuses on the customer does not ignore the sustainable change in purchasing behavior. “In the wake of the pandemic, quality has moved more into the focus of purchasing decisions and is therefore also the focus of the further evolution of our entire collection”, explains Eva Renk-Klenkhart, Head of Product at PALMERS, who also presented the new autumn / winter collection during the press conference. “This season we are focusing on a new color trend. Our new PALMERS color of the season is Midnight Blue. It runs like a blue thread through our collection and combines elegance and suitability for everyday use,” says the fashion expert. During the cold season, customers can look forward to a wide range of offers: from lingerie made from recycled materials from the PALMERS Green Line to expanding the feel-good range with warming blends such as wool and silk to lingerie that can also be cleverly combined suitable as outerwear at parties. PALMERS proves once again: In a world that fits, there is something for everyone.

Cult brand on course for expansion

How PALMERS intends to continue its growth in the future, Ralph Hofmann, PALMERS Director Marketing & Sales, finally answers as follows: “Our current record results confirm once again that our one hundred percent focus on the needs of customers is the key to success. Already PALMERS has dominated the Central European lingerie market for 107 years and always bridges the gap between tradition and innovation. The second half of 2021 as well as the coming year promise to be exciting, because that much can already be revealed: PALMERS will soon have several new flagships – Open stores in Austria. You can be excited! ”


In 1914, Ludwig Palmers laid the foundation stone for a special company that has based its success to this day on exceptional services in the areas of products, customer proximity and advice. PALMERS is considered an innovation leader in the lingerie sector and is the clear market leader in Austria with over 200 locations. In this country, the PALMERS brand has a level of awareness of almost 100 percent, which means that it can be described as a brand icon. The PALMERS brand enjoys an excellent reputation beyond Austria’s borders and, thanks to its legendary poster campaigns, an above-average brand awareness. Today PALMERS is represented at over 300 locations in 17 countries with its own branches, shop-in-shop and franchise areas throughout Europe. PALMERS has always been able to set new accents and standards and thereby establish itself as a leading international brand. Since the company was taken over by the Wieser and Hutman families in 2015, PALMERS has been on the way to becoming a global fashion brand.

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