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Jürgen Vogel thinks the challenges of getting older are “really cool”

10.09.2021 – 11:56

“Still curious”
Jürgen Vogel thinks the challenges of getting older are “really cool”

Jürgen Vogel turned 53 in April.

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Jürgen Vogel turned 53 in April.

Jürgen Vogel is now over 50 years old – but the actor doesn’t mind getting older. He even thinks the challenges that come with age are “really cool”, as he explains in an interview.

At 53, Jürgen Vogel is no longer one of the young and wild, but he is still fit. “But I’ve definitely gotten older!” Admits the actor in the current “Playboy” October issue.

“Absolutely nothing” annoys him about getting older, he “likes it”. He considers “dealing with yourself differently” to be an important challenge, “you live this life with yourself”. This task “I think it’s really awesome”. “I’m still pretty curious about that,” explains the 53-year-old actor.

Soon to be seen on ZDF

Between his six children and four grandchildren, Vogel still finds time for his job: From September 24th, the 53-year-old can be seen in the new ZDF series “Jenseits der Spree”. In four episodes, Vogel plays the former chief detective Robert Heffler, who was transferred to the office in Berlin-Köpenick in order to be there for his three daughters. But due to a lack of staff, his boss asks the single father to support his young colleague Kay Freund (Seyneb Saleh, 33). Heffler agrees – without the knowledge of his daughters.

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