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Even 20 years later, Rupert Grint plays better than Daniel Radcliffe & Emma Watson

Rupert Grint has always been that most talented actors of the three Harry Potter starsalthough it receives the least attention. He lacks both the Potter fame of Daniel Radcliffe and the socially committed glamor of Emma Watson. Thanks to a dark crime series on the streaming service TVNOW, you can now rediscover Rupert Grint. Because in The Murders of Mr ABC Grint plays the grumpy sidekick of Hercule Poirot (John Malkovich).

The best actor in the Harry Potter trio is called Rupert Grint

Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson with all honors, but already in the first common scenes on the Hogwarts Express Rupert Grint attracts everyone’s attention. Which isn’t just because of the stain on his face. Grint grimaces, plays broad and not very subtle – just like the comedic first encounter of Harry, Ron and Hermione requires.

Check out the trailer for The Murders of Mr ABC – available on TVNOW:

The ABC Murders – Trailer (English) HD


From part 3, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Grint is also challenged more emotionally. A coming-of-age story with a potentially fatal outcome grows out of the child’s adventure. From now on, the Differences between the three actors always more noticeable.

Whether funny reaction shots, deep-seated anger or love-mad enchantment: Whatever the scripts thrown at Rupert Grint, he has mastered it. In contrast to Daniel Radcliffe, he certainly benefited from being to the left of the center of a multi-million dollar franchise. Nevertheless impresses the sovereignty of his appearance.

Daniel Radcliffe – Constant tension

Acts in the early Harry Potter films Daniel Radcliffe inappropriately tense in many scenesLike he’s thinking about what to do with his arms any moment. From Azkaban, director Alfonso Cuarón gives him visibly more self-confidence in his own film presence.

By the end of the series, Radcliffe’s play seems most natural when it is freed from the abstract burden of Harry’s fate. When, for example, he languishes after Cho Chang or acts out the Felix Felicis magic.

Emma Watson – Too Self-Conscious

In that first scene on the Hogwarts Express, Emma Watson plays it delightfully condescending Hermioneas if she had never done anything else. But in the course of the film series, what happens to her is what leads some child actors to a career break. She becomes aware of her own presence. Much too conscious.

The Harry Potter trio

You don’t believe me? Then watch out for her eyebrow acting with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Every emotion and every thought is reflected in her face. Harry Potter 5 is Watson’s low point in the series. That she has not given up the surface game to this day is also shown by her capricious appearance in Little Women.

Rupert Grint, on the other hand, made Ron Weasley grow up in front of the camera with no visible breaks in acting style. When we watch Grint at work, let’s not think about him. That can harm a star, but it can be good for an actor.

The murders of Mr ABC and the rediscovery of actor Rupert Grint

Since 2017, Rupert Grint seems to have devoted himself entirely to acting again. In addition to series such as Sick Note, Snatch and Servant, he also entered the world of Agatha Christie. The murders of Mr ABC sends the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot straight into a serial killer thriller à la seven. The story is told in such an unusually serious and horrible way.

This Poirot is not only used by the Looking for a brutal killerbut also driven by the shadows of his own past. It is accordingly harsh between the master detective and the police. After the aging Poirot’s faithful sidekick dies, the young Inspector Crome (Rupert Grint) takes over the role. Crome, however, thinks little of the Belgian and he lets him feel it.

John Malkovich doesn’t intimidate Rupert Grint

With John Malkovich (Bird Box) stands Rupert Grint in The Murders of Lord ABC a larger than life actor opposite. But Grint is not intimidated by that. Rather, the two stars complement each other. The more their characters clash, the better for the series.

Malkovich hides a secret in every hair of his beard. Grint’s policeman desperately wants to prove himself next to this multi-layered giant. He reveals his own self-doubts in his harsh demeanor. On the one hand, with Hercule Poirot, there is an image that has been painstakingly constructed and against which the questions of the world are supposed to ricochet off. On the other is a man working on his own version of this image.

This Harry Potter star doesn’t need any gimmicks

It’s the kind of role I would want Daniel Radcliffe to do. Of the Harry Potter actor has developed further as an actor in recent years. Nevertheless, his roles are often noticeable through physical gimmicks. He can hold on to them. Sometimes he plays a corpse, sometimes an undercover Nazi, sometimes pistols are sewn onto his hands.

Rupert Grint’s role in the ABC murders is the exact opposite. It would be easy to overlook this crome in a group picture. So naturally Grint fits into the story. It’s not a star’s performance, but a good actor’s performance.

This article has an ad for TVNOW in the cover picture and the following note. The article itself is not part of the advertisement and was conceptually and thematically designed and published independently of TVNOW.

What do you think of Rupert Grint as an actor?

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