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CDU in Frankfurt: Fight against the federal trend

  • Florian Leclerc

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Bettina Wiesmann (CDU) is also campaigning for first votes from FDP voters.

Bettina Wiesmann knows: This choice will not be a sure-fire success for her. Four years ago, the CDU Bundestag candidate in constituency 183 was still well ahead of runner-up Ulli Nissen (SPD) in the fight for the direct mandate. But at that time the federal CDU also won the election. Now she is behind the SPD in surveys. And experience has shown that the federal trend is reflected in the municipal result. “You have to win this constituency directly,” says Wiesmann.

T he competition with Omid Nouripour (Greens) and Kaweh Mansoori (SPD) in the constituency is strong. One benefits from the mega-issue of climate protection, the other from the national trend. Thorsten Lieb (FDP) will attract first votes from the conservative-liberal camp, even if, if the FDP comes above the five percent mark, he will move into the Bundestag via his good place on the state list. Wiesmann is eighth in the state list. That won’t be enough.

As a result, it also advertises first votes from voters who would normally give Thorsten Lieb their mark. If these people wanted to see an education expert from Frankfurt with a liberal-bourgeois attitude in the Bundestag, this is the chance. Incidentally, the 183er is also the constituency in which right-winger Erika Steinbach previously celebrated her successes for the CDU.

B ettina Wiesmann has had a performance-oriented career. Born 54 years ago in Berlin, she passed her Abitur at the French grammar school, studied political science at the elite universities Sciences Po in Paris and the London School of Economics. She added a third degree to her diploma and master’s degree, an MBA in Pittsburgh. Wiesmann speaks three languages ​​fluently. In the 1990s she was a foreign policy advisor at the Federal CDU, and in 1993 she joined McKinsey in Frankfurt as a management consultant. From 2006 to 2009 he was involved in local politics in local advisory board 3 (Nordend). From 2009 to 2017 she was a member of the Hessian state parliament.


Favorite place in the constituency : Holzhausenpark

Favorite politician: in from one other party: Boris Palmer

Other favorites: Nina Simone (singer), Paul Celan (author), Meryl Streep (actress). fle

Shortly before the turn of the year 2017, she achieved a coup. At a CDU party congress in Frankfurt, she prevailed against the then parliamentary group leader in the Römer, Michael zu Löwenstein, as a candidate for the Bundestag – and won the constituency directly.

W hen she meets a woman who can easily put forward her arguments for a minute, two or five minutes if she is not interrupted. You rarely interrupt her because she speaks as if in print.

The main line tunnel is important to her, the airport, the Romantic Museum, the Paulskirche. If you can say that about a 54-year-old, Wiesmann is one of the most talented people in the Frankfurt CDU.

At the same time she says of herself: “I am a family man.” She grew up as an only child and wanted a big family. Their first daughter was born 23 years ago. Three more daughters followed, the youngest 14 years ago. That is the time from 1998 to 2007 when she made her professional and political career. Without the strong support of her husband, she would not have made it, she says. She often shifted her project-related work to the evening hours or the weekend. She will be addressed in the election campaign on climate protection and how the CDU thinks about it, and on the corona policy. In terms of climate protection, it is important to her not to stifle the economy in addition to CO2 pricing. In her view, there should be no further lockdown in the corona policy in autumn.

The fact that the CDU chancellor candidate Armin Laschet is weak in the polls will also rub off on the result in Frankfurt. Wiesmann would have wished for Chancellor Merkel openly for Laschet earlier – as in the Bundestag debate this week.



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