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Cameron Diaz talks about her mother’s happiness and future plans

Cameron Diaz talks about her late motherhood and future plans

So honest

Cameron Diaz became a mother at the age of 47 earlier this year. And of course that’s what worries the actress. In a very honest interview, she talks about the fact that it was the right time for her.

The joy of reunion is great, even if Naomi Campbell and Cameron Diaz only meet virtually. The two women have been friends for many years, so the model invited the actress to her “No Filter” video format on YouTube.

Cameron Diaz on her mother’s happiness

After talking about her career, it becomes very personal. Because of course Cameron Diaz’s late motherhood is an issue. She is very happy with her decision to become a late mother. “Most get married and have families when they’re young. I do this in the second half of my life.”

“If you start a family when you’re young, it’s like anything you do when you’re young. You just do it,” said Diaz. Because most of them start their families this way, it is normal for many and it works very well.

Decision for the child

She, on the other hand, would have made a conscious decision to become a mother. And that also means that she had to fight hard for it and go through a lot until she was finally pregnant. Because that didn’t work out straight away, as is the case with many women. The wish is there, but it takes patience and sometimes help. The actress does not elaborate on this.

Cameron is happy

“I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life,” says Cameron. And she promises that she will not pursue her career as an actress any further. “I never say never, but right now I’m happy with the way it is.” She accompanies her daughter as she grows up, takes care of her wine business and doesn’t miss the film world at all. “I haven’t made a movie in six or seven years and that’s totally fine with me,” she explains to Naomi Campbell.

During these special times, she is most concerned about the health of her loved ones. She lives a very withdrawn life and is happy that she can watch her daughter grow up.

My opinion

We should talk more about wanting to have children and how it is often harder for older mothers to conceive. We should not forget, however, that in these hectic times, in which women are still blocked career steps because they can get pregnant, it is not easy to decide on a child.

Unfortunately, Cameron Diaz, who is of course in a very privileged situation, has not commented on this.

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