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“By Billie Eilish”: Billie Eilish’s photo album for fans | BR KulturBühne

Billie Eilish takes control of her pictures: Here behind the camera |  Image: Piper Verlag / Wren & Rook

A closet full of Grammys, a successful career – at the age of only 19, the Californian singer Billie Eilish managed what other musicians had dreamed of in their lives. Her new album “Happier Than Ever” is coming out in the summer – now there are very private insights into Billie Eilish’s life with a photo book. Hundreds of pictures show Eilish as an infant on her father’s chest, wearing a pink “Care Bears” costume, as a teenager with her best friend. Pictures and photos have always been important to her, writes Eilish: “When I was little, I said, ‘I want to see too’ every time my parents filmed me. In every family video of ours there is a take where I look into the camera and say, ‘I want to see too’. I couldn’t stand not being behind the camera. Ironically, it’s the other way around now. Some camera always seems to be pointed at me. “

Wrapped in baggy pants and sweaters

With her fame came pressure for Eilish – not only her spherical voice, but also her body had been rated again and again. For a long time, in order to hide a little from the public eye, Eilish opted for oversized clothing, baggy trousers and wide sweaters. Eilish has repeatedly talked about her relationship to her body, including depression – she feels the dark things so strongly that she cannot make happy music because she just doesn’t feel that way, she says in the documentary, which was also recently released.

Eilish’s answer to her life in the spotlight: take control. She is now directing her music videos herself. She and her brother Finneas determine how their music sounds, they still produce in the nursery – they want to be independent from the pressure of the music industry as far as possible.

Eilish’s own image building

With the photo album, Eilish controls her image of herself in public – despite the fact that one often finds anything but perfect pictures in the album. They also tell of pain, physical and psychological. Eilish writes that the pictures are a way for her to discover herself and not to forget: “I think it’s so important to take photos throughout life, because otherwise we might forget. I don’t want to forget anything, I want to have my memories very close to me, very much alive. “

There are not many explanations for the pictures – that was deliberately chosen, writes Eilish in the foreword. The book shouldn’t feel like work, but rather be like an ordinary photo album. Therefore, she does not want to explain everything, but rather give her fans a large pile of photos that speak for themselves.

The green hair is gone

Outwardly, Eilish has changed – now she wears blonde hair instead of bright black and green. The singer presented a large photo story in the fashion magazine “Vogue” in dresses and lingerie that were unusual for Eilish. She recently wrote that she now feels happy – and that she can be herself. The photo album depicts this journey to yourself. It is also an appeal to their fans, who are often a little younger than they are: “If you should take anything with you from this book, it’s this: Somehow we’re all still our three-year-old self. There is no one who is not annoying, no one who is not embarrassed at some point, no one who does not go through different phases, including … puberty. I just want you to see me and my life with your own eyes. “

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