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Britney Spears: In the nude madness in front of the mirror! Here she shows us (almost) EVERYTHING

Britney Spears seems to want to enjoy her future freedom in every way. To make this clear, the singer drops almost all of her clothes and poses for her fans in a downright nude mania.

Britney Spears celebrates her newfound freedom.
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With a look at the Instagram account of Britney Spears the hashtag #FreeBritney, which is popular in social networks, appears in a completely different light. Because it actually refers to the singer’s struggle for a self-determined life. So it could actually work now. Because after 13 years now, the singer’s father wants to step down as guardian for his daughter.

James Spears had filed an application for termination of guardianship after several court appearances at the Los Angeles County Superior Court, US media recently reported. Britney Spears now has the right to have this court seriously examine whether guardianship is no longer required.

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Britney Spears in the nude madness: Here she drops her covers for joy

The enthusiasm about the possible freedom has apparently brought Britney Spears to give her fans a little taste of Day X on Instagram. And the new freedom seems to extend to many aspects of life for Britney. As a symbol that she can do what she wants, she has now left a veritable flood of half-naked pictures on Instagram.

Britney doesn’t wear more than a tight mini thong (and sometimes red boots) in the photos. What a nude madness. And so that it is not misunderstood, Britney also adds the appropriate picture signature: “I am posting these pictures again because they were really blurred the first time !!!!! Here is a clearer version of the photos and if you like most are and have no idea what I’m talking about, then fuck it … “, it says there.

Big butt parade: Britney Spears shocks with a butt hammer

What follows is a quote from Sophia Loren, which says: “There is a fountain of youth: It is your spirit, your talents, the creativity that you bring into your life and into the lives of the people you love. If you learn to tap into this source, you will really have conquered old age. ” By the way, Britney Spears seems to be particularly satisfied with her very best. Because she dedicates two Instagram posts to that.

And for all doubters there is the right announcement under a video: “No filters or covers … it is really true !!!! Psss I take a picture of myself with a selfie stick and will always do it … it stays above … he doesn’t contradict … and he’s EXTREMELY RELIABLE, “lets Britney Spears know.

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