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#BigWillieChallenge: Dr. Dre wants to lose corona bacon with Will Smith

The 56-year-old would like to do the same as his colleague Will and lose his corona bacon again.


Moral support
In early May 2021, Will Smith posted a slightly different photo on Instagram and said of the snapshot in swimming trunks: “I’ll be honest with you all – I’m in the worst shape of my life.”

In line with this, the actor, rapper and family man has so far generated over 6.8 million likes and subsequently received encouragement from various colleagues. Quest Love, American drummer and producer of many hip-hop and soul artists, for example, called the photo the “most amazing post in social media history” and Arnold Schwarzenegger said that Will Smith was “in better shape than 90 Percent of Americans “was …

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Six pack at the age of 56?
After Smith wanted to record his weight loss phase via YouTube and thus more or less intentionally started a new movement, he won’t break a sweat on his own. The 56-year-old producer and rapper Dr. Dre will join the “BigWillieChallenge” and published a photo from his in-house gym:

The father of several families not only impressed his fans and colleagues with the picture including the hinted six-pack, but also wrote that he now wants to take matters into his own hands and want to lose weight and train himself muscles with Will Smith.

How do you think things will turn out for both of them? For Dr. Dre there are various restrictions. The NWA member was hospitalized with an aneurysm in January 2021 and had to spend over a week in the intensive care unit. “I’ll be out of the hospital and home soon. Kudos to all of the great medical professionals at Cedars. […] I am fine and I am well looked after by my medical team, ”the 56-year-old explained via Instagram and has rarely appeared in public or on the internet since then. Instead, Dr. Dre can also cope with the divorce from Nicole Young, who wants to dispute the mogul’s almost $ 900 million and cannot come to terms with a monthly maintenance of $ 293,000 – 241,000 euros.

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