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Agreement without a judge: Rihanna drops lawsuit against father

Have Rihanna (33) and her father Ronald Fenty tolerate again? For years, the singer’s relationship with her dad has been very, very tense – the reason: The businessman is said to have tried to steal more than 15 million US dollars with the name of his daughter. And that by organizing concerts and tours with a partner on which the musician was supposed to appear without prior agreement. Left for this fraudulent behavior Rihanna accuse her father – now the tide has turned!

As radar notified citing judicial documents, it should be between Rihanna and her father came to an agreement – out of court: Rihanna dropped the lawsuit again. In about two weeks, the two would have had a court hearing in Los Angeles, where a judge would ultimately have decided on the verdict. How it came about that the two were able to come to an agreement after their quarrel is still unclear.

Whether the relationship between Rihanna and has mended her father again? The two have clashed again and again for years. The “Umbrella” interpreter has even taken over the costs of withdrawal therapy for the entrepreneur, but he relapsed again. Closed due to abnormalities at their concerts Rihanna her dad in 2008 even completely from her tour.

Rihanna, singer
Rihanna, singer
Rihanna, musician

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