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Vin Diesel plays in ARK 2

ARK 2 was announced by Wildcard on The Game Awards Show in late 2020. Hollywood star Vin Diesel takes on the role of the character Santiago in the survival MMO, who plays an important role in the ARK universe. We tell you what you need to know about him.

This is ARK 2: On December 11, 2020, Studio Wildcard announced ARK 2, the official successor to ARK: Survival Evolved, as part of The Game Awards Show. And even if there isn’t much information about the title planned for 2022 yet, we know that it is also a survival MMO. The community is therefore hoping for a better performance than in the predecessor.

In the trailer it is already clear that there are dinosaurs again and the science fiction elements are also at the start. In addition, a well-known character from the ARC universe appears; Santiago, embodied by Vin Diesel.

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This is “Santiago Da Costa”

Active ARK players will already have heard of the name Santiago Da Costa. In the wacky ARK story, which is told via the Explorer Notes in the game, Santiago appears as an important character.

You need to know: To better understand Santiago’s origins, you need to know that the ARKs bring people and creatures from different time periods together. The creatures and humans are just clones brought into being with “stored souls”.

That’s why you always respawn with your characters on the beach after you’ve died. Your mind is simply put into a new clone. The creators of the ARC have found out that the soul lives on in the brain even after death and so they were able to bring souls from all possible epochs together.

ARK implant
Your soul is probably stored in the implant

Back to Santiago: Santiago Da Costa is a member of the “Armed Forces of the Federation” from the future, at least from our point of view. In Santiago’s original time, the TEK equipment was invented and therefore he is very technically gifted.

Santiago appears for the first time in aberration

In ARK: Survival Evolved you will never meet Santiago in person because he has been gone a long time. For the first time he appears in the notes in the Aberration DLC, where he wants to escape from the ARK together with other survivors. He helps destroy one of the three obelisk towers and thus kill the Overseer – the final boss of every ARK – with a TEK bomb.

However, this has fatal consequences and the aberration ARK is almost destroyed. The entire surface becomes uninhabitable, so everyone has to retreat underground. There, Santiago and the others are building the Gateway Project, a series of portals to follow a signal from Earth and get there.

ARK Aberration Overseer Tower
The destroyed aberration ARC in space

Even in Abberation, Santiago stands out from the others due to his technical skills. His knowledge also allows him to give precise instructions. Although he is not the sole leader of the force, he is a respected member and part of the clan leadership.

The Gateway project is successful and they eventually manage to escape from the ARC and come to Earth.

Santiago in Extinction and its end

The Extinction addon features the iconic combat robots, which were also designed and built by Santiago. The Omega project was intended to defend against the creatures infested by the “Element”. Element is a resource from Extinction, but one that caused the creatures on Earth to mutate.

This is Santiago’s end: Santiago died in the Extinction addon before we players even reached Earth. When the titans, the big bosses of the DLC, started moving, Santiago got into a combat robot to lure them away from the camp. So Santiago is a hero to whom many owe their lives.

Santiago's tomb
Santiago’s grave in Extinction

What does this mean for ARK 2?

With Extinction and Santiago’s death, all records of him end. He no longer appears in the other add-ons, players can only visit his grave these days.

But in the trailer for ARK 2 we see that he is the leader of a small group that does not yet have TEK equipment. But he seems to know what TEK is and can handle it.

This is how it could work: ARK 2 either plays before the events of ARK: Survival Evolved, at a time when Santiago has not yet come together with the other survivors in the Aberration ARK. Or he somehow managed to escape his death.

After all, he had previously equipped the combat robots with teleportation technology. This should ensure that four robots can be connected to one another via an atomic level. Maybe he was teleported to another ARC like that and has lived there ever since.

What do you think Santiago Da Costa in ARK 2 is all about? When could the successor to the survival MMO play? Write us your thoughts in the comments.

First of all, ARK players can look forward to Genesis Part 2 and what is probably the largest map so far.

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