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Mila Kunis: body envy of Demi Moore

Demi Moore vs. Mila Kunis
The past does not let go of her

Demi Moore, Mila Kunis

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Mila Kunis is very worried about her figure. Her predecessor Demi Moore, on the other hand, is in excellent shape. Ashton Kutcher has always admired her for that

Women always compare themselves to other women, and that is no different with the stars either. One looks particularly at the partner’s ex-girlfriend, who can still be a danger in retrospect. Mila Kunis, of all people, feels affected by this.She has been the wife of fellow actor Ashton Kutcher since summer 2015. Previously, Ashton was married to Demi Moore for six years and that’s exactly where the problem lies.

Mila Kunis is worried

Demi is 54, 20 years older than Mila, and in excellent physical shape. The birth of her three daughters, whom she has with actor Bruce Willis, was a long time ago. Mila, on the other hand, gave birth to her second child, little Dimitri, only nine months ago. It’s understandable that Mila thinks a little bit – because unlike many top models, it was not so easy for the native Ukrainian to regain her old figure.

The jealousy of Demi Moore comes to a head

It cost you a lot of work, an insider now tells “Radar Online”. And yet Mila keeps one eye on Demi.

Mila was always a bit unsure about following in Demi’s footsteps, but after watching the trailer for Demi’s new movie “Blind”, the jealousy came to a head.

Mila, of course, wants to please her husband.

Ashton has always praised Demi for her good looks and that worries Mila, she worries that it is not the same with her as it is with Demi. Demi has three girls and she’s still working on staying in shape. Mila is afraid that she will not be able to keep up.

Does Mila worry in vain?

Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher

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