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Madonna, Tom Cruise and Co .: That’s what the stars of the 80s do today – Panorama

Madonna, the

Madonna, the “Queen of Pop”, had her breakthrough in the 80s. (Archive image)

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Stars like Madonna, Tom Cruise and Patrick Dempsey have become indispensable on the red carpet. They all became famous in the 1980s. How did they break through? And what are you doing today?

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Stuttgart – Weird clothes and even weird hairstyles – admittedly, one can argue about the fashion of the 80s. But the era when the internet or cell phones weren’t important has produced a lot of good things, especially in the music and film scene. Some stars who became famous in the 80s have stayed with us to this day, others have disappeared from the big screen. Here some examples:

She has become an indispensable part of the music scene, she is still considered the “Queen of Pop” today: Madonna. The singer’s breakthrough came in 1983 with her album “Madonna” and the single “Holiday” – after which one hit followed another. The now 62-year-old was still on tour in 2020, but had to repeatedly cancel performances for health reasons. In addition to two biological children, the singer now has four adopted children.

Two names should not be missing from the 80s stars of the film scene: Tom Cruise and Patrick Dempsey. The films “Loose Business” (1983) and “Top Gun” (1986), in which Tom Cruise plays the leading role, have achieved cult status. And Patrick Dempsey also got his first major role in 1987 in “Can’t Buy Me Love” (1987). Both actors are still real Hollywood greats today. In addition to films such as the “Mission: Impossible” series, Tom Cruise (58) also makes headlines because of an alleged membership in the Scientology sect. Patrick Dempsey (55) is especially in the minds of fans as the sweet doctor in the series “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Not all of them were able to build on the success of that time

Not all stars of the wild 80s were able to build on their success from back then. Judd Nelson (61), for example, became known as Bad Boy John Bender in the series “The Breakfast Club”. After that he was mostly only seen in supporting roles. His colleague Molly Rindgwald (53), on the other hand, in “The Breakfast Club” in the role of Claire Standish, has made it back to the bigger screen. She starred in the popular Netflix series “Riverdale”.

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