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Leonardo DiCaprio: Most Wanted! – arte

From teenage swarm to celebrated character actor: Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most successful Hollywood stars of all. An ARTE documentary is now devoted to the career of a driven person whose greatest goal has not yet been achieved.

Now everything has to go very quickly: Get into the passenger seat, pull the shield cap deep into your face and then let’s get away from the thunderstorm of flashes, triggered by lurking photographers. Right at the beginning of the documentary “Leonardo DiCaprio: Most Wanted!”, Which ARTE is showing for the first time, the dark side of the superstar’s life becomes clear. And Leonardo DiCaprio is nothing less than an absolute superstar, perhaps the most celebrated actor in the world. The film by Henrike Sandner traces his path from gifted talent to the limelight in Hollywood and presents a person who devoted himself to his roles, but only wanted to be himself – and not the image of an imposed image.

In 1974 DiCaprio was born in Los Angeles, not far from the dream factory that he would help shape years later. He loved the show from an early age and was in front of the camera for TV series at a young age. But then the “Leomania” started with “Titanic”: A huge budget and not least his chemistry with Kate Winslet made the film a huge success and DiCaprio in the role of the self-sacrificing lover Jack made a girl’s dream. “Like a bucket of cold water,” the actor described the hustle and bustle that followed, symbolized by the screaming girls on red carpets. And not only there: According to film journalist Brigitte Steinmetz, “Naked warriors with shouts of ‘Jack'” followed Leo himself on the Amazon.

Driven on a rescue mission

Despite countless popular roles, it was not until 2016 that DiCaprio finally received his Oscar for “The Revenant”. But for someone driven like him, that’s no reason to pause. The once little boy from LA has now achieved everything in the film business, but he has long since set larger goals in mind: saving planet earth from climate change, which he himself is tackling by founding a foundation and making documentaries.

The documentary contains some snapshots from the Hollywood star’s youth as well as important film snippets from his career. Access to DiCaprio as a person is only granted indirectly: This is how film critics and directors who know him personally have their say – Leo himself, however, does not.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Most Wanted! – Fri. 05.02. – ARTE: 10:25 p.m.

Source: teleschau – der mediendienst GmbH

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