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“I’m in the worst shape of my life”

On Instagram, Will Smith likes to show his almost 53 million followers from the funny side. His latest contribution there can be perceived as wonderfully honest and scores with the fans.

Photo series with 15 pictures

Will Smith posted a new photo of himself on Instagram. For this, after only twelve hours on the Internet, he has already received over 4.6 million “Like” hearts – by far more than for his previous posts. More than 62,000 comments have also been collected under the picture, which shows the Hollywood star in slippers, tight shorts and only wrapped in an open training jacket on top.

The 52-year-old, who is standing on a meadow in front of a tree and a lake with a smile on his face, writes: “I want to be honest with you – I’m in the worst shape of my life.” Smith does not reveal what exactly he means by this. But many of his followers assume that he is alluding to the little tummy that peeks out between the zippers of the jacket.

“The Fresh Prince of Belly Air”

This comment is especially good, referring to Will Smith’s series “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, because someone writes: “The Fresh Prince of Belly Air”. “Belly” means “belly” in German.

Numerous fans simply send emojis weeping with laughter – for example Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton. Another user writes: “You are Will Smith, you can be in any form you want to be.” Also read: “This is the most wonderful post in the history of social media.” This article goes in a similar direction: “The best post of 2021.”

Another person says: “I finally look like my idol.” – “You are not alone”, writes another. Many also emphasize that Will Smith deserved to just leave training for training.

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