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After George Floyd’s death: Denzel Washington’s campaign goes viral

After George Floyd’s death
Action by Denzel Washington goes viral

After the death of an African American caused by US police officers, Hollywood star Denzel Washington is praised for his compassion.

The death of the African American George Floyd in Minneapolis, who died in the hospital on Monday after a brutal arrest by the police, has sparked protests and sometimes serious riots in the United States. Video clips and photos are currently circulating on social media at the same time that show Hollywood star Denzel Washington (65), who apparently has a calming effect on a homeless man during an encounter with the Los Angeles police. Many users praise the selfless commitment of the actor.

A week ago, the US celebrity portal “TMZ” published a clip of Washington and the homeless, which shows, among other things, how the apparently confused man, the police and Washington interact with each other in a non-violent way. According to a related report, the star previously saw the homeless man walking in the middle of the traffic when he was out and about in West Hollywood.

Contrast with Minnesota

Washington parked his car, spoke to the man and led him to safety on the sidewalk. Although the allegedly confused man did not wear a protective mask, Washington remained close to him to ensure the well-being of the man. After the arrival of several police officers, the actor continued to reassure the homeless. According to a USA Today report, Washington slipped protective masks on the man before the whole thing broke up.

Numerous Twitter users then called Washington, among other things, “heroes” or compared the situation in Los Angeles with that in Minneapolis, in the US state of Minnesota. Others hoped this could be a positive example of future police encounters with African Americans. For a long time, the USA has had to deal with sometimes excessive police violence, especially against blacks. That is why, among other things, the “Black Lives Matter” movement was founded.


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