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Absolute rarity! Nicole Kidman talks about adoptive children

Nicole Kidman (53) actually keeps a low profile when it comes to her offspring! The actress has a total of four children. With Keith Urban (52) the Oscar winner has two daughters: Sunday (12) and Faith (9). In addition, she and ex-husband Tom Cruise (58) adopted two grown-up children, Isabella (27) and Connor (25). However, she has a difficult relationship with them. Now speaks Nicole surprisingly open about their childhood!

In the New York Times the Hollywood icon chats casually about the shooting of the film “Eyes Wide Shut”, in which she and Ex Tom played the main role. “We shot for two years. We had two children and mostly lived in a trailer on the property and made spaghetti”, says the 53-year-old. The filming took place in England, so her children spent a lot of time there.

So it’s no wonder that Isabella at least feels more English. As children, the two even had an English accent, said the mom of four to the magazine Vanity Fair in the past year. Isabella even moved to Great Britain for good: she lives there with her husband.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, January 2018
Nicole Kidman at the 2020 Screen Actors Guild Awards
Isabella Cruise, September 2020

Instagram / bellakidmancruise

Isabella Cruise, September 2020



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