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XXL treats: Jack Nicholson is eating fries and burgers here

The perfect men’s evening: father and son go to the game, suffer with their team and also eat burgers and fries in XXL format. All that’s missing is the beer, right? In any case, this father-son classic could now be seen with a prominent cast at the performance of the Los Angeles Lakers against the Golden State Warriors: The basketball fans in the front row were none other than Hollywood star Jack Nicholson (81) and his son Ray (26).

Jack, who has gained a few pounds in the meantime, is dressed completely in black for the Lakers game, which really brings out the light fries on his knees. Chewing and with the now typical “hair-in-all-directions” hairstyle, the 81-year-old enjoys the game in a relaxed manner. His junior, who with a pink jacket, white T-shirt and white socks forms the total contrast program, cannot deny his relatives: Ray is like the face of the famous dad.

With three Oscars and twelve Oscar-Nominations leads Jack the ranking for the most coveted film award in the world. Recently, however, it had become quieter around the world star. Rumors, Jack would take over the title role in the US remake of the German hit film “Toni Erdmann”, but have now broken up again. Was also for a role in Til Schweiger’s (55) US version of the film “Honig im Kopf” Jack allegedly in conversation, but it didn’t come to that either.

Jack Nicholson and son Raymond
Jack Nicholson and son Ray at the Staples Center in Los Angeles
Gwyneth Paltrow and Jack Nicholson at the 2007 Oscars



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