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XL color attack by a man who thinks he is her son>entertainment>

Vandalism on her LA home

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are said to have been victims of a vandal. More precisely, her house in Los Angeles. As reported by the TMZ portal, the man is said to have gained access to the premises and smeared orange paint on a wall of the house, which has just been repainted. The damage: around 100,000 euros. Absurd: The man is said to have stated that he was the son of the “Modern Family” star. The police arrested the vandal.

Messages to his “mother” Sofia

Allegedly, the man tried to contact the 48-year-old via social media. Even with his color attack, he is said to have left messages to his “mother” in orange on the house wall, as TMZ learned from police circles.

Sofia, who has grown-up son Manolo (29) from her marriage to Joe Gonzalez, was not at home at the time. She and her current husband, Joe Manganiello, didn’t arrive until the police arrived. Sofia had trouble with a stalker last year. The man, who was considered “mentally unstable”, was staying in the vicinity of her villa without permission and is said to have threatened Vergara’s family several times. (abl)



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