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Stylist Julia von Boehm on fashion for the Golden Globes and her advice to client Nicole Kidman

Ms. von Boehm, congratulations! Nicole Kidman, who advises you on dress matters, was nominated for a Golden Globe for best actress in a television series for her role in “The Undoing”. The prizes will be awarded tonight.

Alfons Kaiser

Responsible editor for the section “Germany and the World” and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin.

Thanks. Yes, she called me straight away from Australia, where she is now living and filming during the pandemic, also because she is safer there from Corona. I am of course happy because we have become friends through work. Because styling is an intimate affair, you get close and know each other well.

And you’ve been working for her for seven years.

Exactly. The first season was Cannes in 2014 when her film “Grace of Monaco” was shown at the opening of the festival. At the time, she was wearing a layered off-the-shoulder blue lace dress by Armani Privé.

It stood out so that Kidman was called the “Princess of Cannes” at the time. Would such a look also be suitable for the Golden Globe ceremony this Sunday?

I do not think so. Because in times of the pandemic the question is: what can or should you wear now? I’ve already sent her a small mood board with impressions and suggestions. And without giving too much away: It will probably not be a dress with a parrot on its shoulder, but a more withdrawn look. In these times, simplicity is the order of the day. The virus made me extremely humble. But my style was never really loud anyway, it was rather subtle.

So for the Golden Globes that would mean: Dior rather than Dolce & Gabbana, Armani rather than Gucci?

Oh, we’ll see that then!

In any case, the brands’ celebrity departments came up to you with good ideas.

Yeah yeah But I usually already know what I want. I have my own mind

How important are the current fashion trends?

I don’t follow the trend. I look at what’s going on in the world, where the actress is in life, what’s going on in the film. For example, Nicole did not wear an off-the-shoulder dress for the premiere of “The Seduced” in Cannes in 2017, but a high-necked dress with long fringes by Michael Kors. That was a small reference to the costumes of the film set in the American Civil War.

So you have to have everything in view: person, occasion and film.

Yes, but I make the decision instinctively.

And how did you choose a dress for her now?

By zoom. She receives packages from fashion brands, and then we look together. A tailor is with her to adjust and stake out. That works surprisingly well.

Awards ceremonies take place during the pandemic

It is easier. When the actresses sit for two hours at a gala and then go to the podium, the clothes are long creased. The light and the flashlight are also often ungracious. You save yourself that when you sit at home.

Fashion has become more relaxed in the lockdown. The trend towards loungewear, to be seen beforehand, has now really caught on.

Yes, but I can no longer see sweatpants. Even when I’m sitting here at home in my garden shed, where I’ve set up my office, I’m properly dressed. It looks quite unconventional here: I have a small stove, a table that I bought for $ 99, a computer with a printer, and a carpet, that’s it.

Nicole Kidman in Cannes in 2014, at her first appearance under the fashion advice of Julia von Boehm.

Nicole Kidman in Cannes in 2014, at her first appearance under the fashion advice of Julia von Boehm.

Image: AFP

There are no clothes racks at all?

No. I now do all of this remotely. Many of the fashion brands’ offices are also still closed.

In the future, you would actually no longer have to be in Los Angeles in person for styling assignments.

That’s the way it is. I used to fly to Los Angeles for just a few hours to try things on, also because the brands loved it that way. That was actually always nonsense. But in times of climate change you can finally recognize it as such.

You are also the head of fashion for the American “Instyle”. Could the magazines also take a step back? Do fashion shoots for German magazines have to take place in the studio in New York, for example, or is that also possible in Munich?

Is also possible. The fashion scene urgently needed to be brought down to earth, and that’s happening now. We now have to get more creative when we come up with new stories. At least my daughters will remind me that a new era has dawned. I am no longer allowed to buy juice in a plastic bottle.

Do you think fashion people are taking change seriously? Isn’t everything going to be the same soon?



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